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You'll get a great 20% discount on Comprehensive car insurance and there are many other benefits when purchasing car insurance online:

  1. Do it when it suits you 24/7
  2. No forms or pen needed… ever
  3. It can be up to 40% faster than doing it over the phone
You can get a quote and buy online - 24/7. In most cases you can be insured once you complete a purchase either online or over the phone. To speed up the process please have on hand details of your car and driving record. You can be insured the day you take out a policy, or choose a later date for your cover to begin.
Please call 1800 887 707 with your Quote Reference Number and we’ll give you a hand. We’re here to help Monday to Friday (8.00am-8.00pm EST) and Saturday (8.00am-5.00pm EST). Please note that we may have different offers available online and via our contact centre.
For your convenience and security we offer you two different ways to pay for your insurance online. You can pay with either a Visa or Mastercard or alternatively you can choose to pay via online Direct Debit from your Bank, Credit Union or Building Society account.
This is called non-disclosure and affects an insurer's ability to accurately assess your risk or calculate the correct premium. It can lead to a claim being paid only in part, or not paid at all and/or your policy being cancelled.
The 20% online discount applies to Virgin Car Insurance Price Saver comprehensive cover only in Year 1.

Virgin Car Insurance has two products offering Comprehensive cover:
  1. Price Saver. You can receive 20%* off when you purchase Price Saver (Comprehensive cover) online.
  2. Price Promise. Available for those who prefer to speak to one of our friendly Customer Care team. Please keep in mind that what you're covered for is different to our Price Saver (Comprehensive cover), for this product we promise our price will stay the same in year 2, if your situation stays the same.

To see what cover is included in each product, view our comparison table.

To find out which comprehensive cover you have please check your Policy documents or give our Customer Care Team a call on 1800 724 678.
There are several ways to make your premium more affordable. These include:

  • restricting drivers by age
  • choosing a higher excess
  • installing a combined alarm and immobiliser to reduce the risk of car theft.
You can choose to spread the cost of your insurance by paying in monthly instalments instead of one bulk sum. If you choose to pay by the month, please make sure payments happen on time (or your policy may be cancelled without notice).
The following information is a summary only. See our Product Disclosure Statement for all the detail plus the full terms & conditions. Comprehensive cover means you're fully protected against all manner of accidents, whether you or someone else is at fault. Your car is also protected should someone break in, steal it, vandalise it or set it alight.

  • Third Party, Fire and Theft cover gives you protection against damage caused by your vehicle to another's property, plus cover should your car catch fire or if someone steals it. It's for cars valued at less than $10,000 and offers limited cover if your car is damaged by an uninsured vehicle and the accident is their fault.
  • Third Party Property cover gives you protection against damage that's been caused by your car to someone else's property, and limited cover if your car is damaged by an uninsured vehicle and the accident is their fault.
Ready to go? Get an online quote.
We do cover some vans, but we do not cover bikes, caravans or boats.
Yes, if you've chosen business use cover, however we don't cover business use for:

  • carrying passengers or other people's goods for payment
  • paid driving tuition
  • hiring the car to other people
Market value is the reasonable cost to replace your car with one of the same make, model, age and condition at the time of loss or damage. It doesn't include any allowance for warranty, stamp duty, transfer costs or dealer profit. Agreed value is the amount we agree to insure your car for during each term of insurance. The value may change each time you renew the policy.
Cover for personal belongings is different across our Comprehensive cover policies. Check out our Compare Cover types page to find out applicable cover limits. Please read our Product Disclosure Statement for all the detail.
Our policies are underwritten by Auto & General Insurance Company Limited, an Australian insurance company regulated by APRA and a member of the Insurance Council of Australia. They provide insurance solutions for millions of policy holders worldwide.
We can help you get the right price with a policy that best suits your needs. You can:

  • restrict drivers by age (which will reduce the premium)
  • increase your excess
  • reduce your windscreen excess
  • apply for a 'no claims discount'
If you’re a good driver and we have all the right information about you to evaluate your risk level effectively, you can also expect to pay lower premiums. (For all the detail, see our Product Disclosure Statement.)

Car insurance premiums are calculated based on the level of risk our insurance underwriter, Auto & General Insurance Company Ltd (AGIC), associate with you and your car. There are multiple factors that differentiate you and someone else that will contribute to the assessment of that risk.

When looking at risk, factors considered include the make and model of the car, the age of the driver/s, the driver's history, frequency of claims and where you live. (For example, not all insurers treat each suburb the same. In addition, where you park the car at night will often affect your premium.)

AGIC's underwriting is more comprehensive than most other car insurers, which allows them to offer competitive rates to Australian drivers.

Just call 1800 662 884 to make a Virgin Car Insurance claim or fill in our quick Online Claim Notification Form (available 24/7). Once we’ve got you on the line you’ll be guided through our fast and friendly process, and we’ll answer any questions that crop up along the way. Our friendly Claims Team will do their best to ensure your claim’s experience is as hassle-free as can be. Given that we’ll be asking you a few questions about the accident, try jotting down everything you can remember before we speak, such as:

  • your policy number
  • police report number
  • date, time and nature of the accident
  • details about other cars and drivers involved (and the name of their insurance company).
Make sure you tell us straight away of any incident involving your car that may lead to a claim. If you've got Comprehensive cover our first priority will be to get your car back on the road. Or if it's going to be a write-off, process your claim as soon as possible. If we decide the driver of the other car was entirely at fault, and you fully identify them, you won’t have to pay any excess and your no claims discount won’t be affected. If you've got Third Party Property or Third Party Property, Fire & Theft you'll need to get in touch with the other driver's insurer to claim for any accident damage to your car, if they are uninsured call us on 1800 662 884.
Try not to panic. The first thing you should do is report it to the police and ask for an incident number. If you have Comprehensive cover or Third Party Property, Fire & Theft, call us on 1800 662 884 with the incident number and we’ll make a start on your claim to have it sorted as soon as possible.
It's up to you:

  • For your convenience we can organise a repairer and manage the process on your behalf. We may request that your car be made available for inspection at a location nominated by us (possibly at one of Auto & General's assessment centres).
  • Or you can choose your own repairer. Note that should our assessor consider the quote to be less than competitive or that the repairs may not be completed to a satisfactory standard, we reserve the right to authorise an alternative repairer chosen by us or to pay you the reasonable cost of a satisfactory repair.
Our Comprehensive cover doesn't automatically include a courtesy car, but you can buy our accident car hire option. How it works is that after we agree to pay your claim and you've made the car available for repairs, we'll arrange for a compact hire car until your car is fixed or your claim settled (not exceeding 14 days). If we pay a claim for theft of your car, we'll reimburse your reasonable cost of hiring a similar car until the car is recovered or your claim is paid, or for a maximum period of 14 days (whichever happens first).
Reporting requirements vary by State. Your local traffic authority will have more information.
It's a discount applied to reduce your premium that's calculated on your years of driving experience and claims record. As you gain more years of claim-free driving you receive a discount from the full-priced premium until it reaches a maximum discount (also known as Rating 1). This is because we believe you’re less likely to make a claim than a less experienced driver or a driver with a poor driving record.
These are a scale insurers use to rank your driving history and risk. Rating 1, NCD and NCB all refer to a discount applied to the full premium.
You can protect your Rating 1 (maximum no claims discount) by selecting our NCD protection option. This allows you to have one claim per 12-month policy period, or up to two claims in three years without affecting the rating.

If you have NCD protection with us for two consecutive claim-free years, you qualify for a Rating 1 for life (which means all car insurance claims have no impact on your NCD for as long as you have NCD protection). You won’t lose any NCD on renewal following a window glass claim, or if the other car in a collision is entirely at fault and the driver is identified to us. For other claims, your NCD may be reduced at renewal.
Yes, it may be protected for a small additional premium, provided:

  • you hold a maximum five years no claim discount
  • you haven’t had an at-fault claim in the past two years.
This protection will allow you to make one claim during the current period of insurance, or two claims in a three-year period without affecting your NCD.
Yes. We can give you a no claims discount if:

  • you're replacing or taking over a company car
  • you can provide a letter from your employer stating how many years you‘ve been driving the company car without a claim.
(Your no claims discount will be based on the number of consecutive years you’ve been driving the car without a claim.)
We’ll give you a free NCD on your second car that matches the NCD on your other vehicle provided the following:

  • Cover is restricted to drivers 25 years old and over
  • Your car isn’t used for business use
  • Your spouse/partner is listed on the policy

Promoter: Virgin Money (Australia) Pty Limited (Virgin Money) Authorised Representative No. 280884 of Virgin Money Financial Services Pty Ltd AFSL 286869. Auto & General Services Pty Ltd  arranges the insurance on behalf of Auto & General Insurance Company Ltd (Auto & General). As we don’t know your financial needs we can’t advise if this insurance will suit you. Consider your needs and the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making a decision to buy this product. Auto & General pays Virgin Money a commission which is a percentage of your premium. For further details see the Financial Services Guide (FSG). View a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement(PDS), Financial Services Guide and Privacy & Security. Approved applicants only. Insurance not available in the Northern Territory.