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10 April 2013

Exciting news about Virgin Money Australia

We've joined forces with BOQ, one of Australia's leading regional banks. BOQ's acquisition of Virgin Money Australia won't change the way you do business with us at all. Virgin Money will continue to run as a standalone business and you’ll still deal directly with us to get the same great products and service you’re used to.

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24 February 2013

A great 2012 for Virgin Super members

The returns for 2012 have been announced and Virgin Super saw great returns across all investment options.

LifeStage Tracker® - Aggressive
Category Portfolio 1 Year Return*
Under 40's 100% Growth 16.20%
40's mix 85% Growth 15.10%
50's mix 70% Growth 13.70%
Over 60's mix 50% Growth 11.70%
LifeStage Tracker® - Balanced
Category Portfolio 1 Year Return*
Under 40's 85% Growth 15.10%
40's mix 70% Growth 13.70%
50's mix 50% Growth 11.70%
Over 60's mix 20% Growth 7.90%
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Portfolio 1 Year Return*
Australian Equities 17.60%
International Equities 13.70%
Listed Property 27.60%
Cash & Fixed Interest (Defensive) 5.20%

*Source: Atchison Consultants, 31 December 2012. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Net earnings are calculated after the deduction of applicable taxes and costs. The actual interest credited to your account will vary from the figures shown due to factors such as investment switches, cash flow, fees and insurance payments.


31 January 2013

Virgin Super receives fourth Gold Rating

For the fourth year running, Virgin Super has been awarded a Gold Rating by independent superannuation research company, SuperRatings.

SuperRatings Gold Savings




21 October 2012

Virgin Super tops SuperRatings’ list for best returns

We’re delighted to announce that 4 of Virgin Super’s LifeStage Tracker® investment options ranked 1st or 2nd in the SuperRatings ‘Top 10’ returns review.

The review covered returns performance over 12 months (01 October 2011 to 30 September 2012), check out the results below:

First place:
  • LifeStage Tracker® Aggressive Under 40s mix – 17.60% return
  • LifeStage Tracker® Balanced 40s Mix - 14.84% return
Second place:
  • LifeStage Balanced under 40s Mix – 16.42% return
  • LifeStage Balanced 50s Mix – 12.63% return
For the complete results of SuperRatings review, go to www.superratings.com.au/top-tens

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


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31 October 2012

Email Hoax Warning

Virgin Money does not offer personal loans or car finance nor do we send emails advising job vacancies.

Be vigilant when disclosing any personal details and when in doubt email us at expert@virginmoney.com.au.

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29 October 2012


Don’t leave good fortune to fate on your travels with comprehensive cover from Virgin Money.

Virgin Money Australia has boosted its personal insurance offering with the launch of Virgin Travel Insurance, in time for the holiday season.

The new product complements Virgin Money’s existing insurance portfolio. Virgin Travel Insurance provides peace of mind for travellers on both domestic and international trips, regardless of which airline you fly with.

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8 October 2012


Virgin Money launches no fuss income protection for all Australian residents aged 18-60. Up to 85 per cent of income covered.

Virgin Money Australia has announced an addition to its portfolio of insurance products; Virgin Income Protection. The launch of Virgin Income Protection is designed to help Australians avoid the type of personal financial crisis that can emerge when they become unable to work as a result of sickness or injury affecting them or a member of their family.

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14 June 2012


Congratulations to the winner of our Today, Tomorrow, Life competition –
A. Smedley from VIC. We hope you enjoy your $4,000 cash prize along with your Baby Village voucher.

Want to know her secret to successful motherhood?

“Knowing my task is to prepare my children for life not to live it for them, accepting that my best laid plans can sometimes fail but to plan anyway, and cherishing what we have every day because things can change in the blink of an eye.”

Thanks to everyone who entered! You can view the key findings from our study here.

8 June 2012


Survey of 2,071 Australian mums reveal their priorities for Today, Tomorrow and Life.

More than half of Aussie mums believe their role isn’t widely recognised in Australian society, according to a survey by Virgin Money. Nearly half of those involved in the study also felt celebrity mums portrayed an unrealistic view of motherhood.

The study also discovered that Aussie mums are most concerned about economic prospects when thinking about their child’s future. More than 65% of mums involved in the study were concerned about the big issues of economic security, social disruption, terrorism and conflict.

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