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30 October 2012

Virgin Money does not offer personal loans or car finance nor we do send emails advising job vacancies.

Be vigilant when disclosing any personal details and when in doubt email us at expert@virginmoney.com.au.

There are a number of current scams with example emails below, the wording and email addresses may change however they are all scams and you should not reply to them, delete them immediately.

Scam advising rates for loans

Virgin Money offers the best and affordable loans to all individuals. We offer loans to clienets who are in debts, and we also offer finances to companies for business purpose.

We offer vehicle finances as well, and as well with a personal loan. Loan available from R30,000.00 to R1 Million, we also offer long and short term loan, loan available at an interest rate of 4.0% per annual. For more information, email us on bkrisnaloan@mweb.co.za.

Brian Krishna.

Employment scam

Welcome to Virgin!

Virgin is actively involved in various spheres of life.

We offer to join us and take part in the development of department of company in Australia. Since your job will be connected with international client`s payments and also with payments as your salary and bonuses we will need your bank details in future.

To start to work we need information such as: your name, surname, your cell and home contact numbers.

Please write this information to atreomcquifih@gmail.com

One of our manager will contact you and answer all your questions.
General Manager of HR Department
Jeremy O'Neill

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