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Sydney, 28 October 2010

Cricket fans are set to face steep prices to witness firsthand the fierce rivalry between Australia and England, according to research from Virgin Money Australia.

While Aussie fans are going to pay bumper prices this year, ‘barmy’ English fans could fork out almost $30,0001 to fuel their cricket passion and attend all games in Australia over the summer. Given the fall in Pound Sterling against the strengthening Aussie Dollar since the last Ashes Tour Down Under, Australia is no longer the bargain-basement cricket destination it once was.

The research found less-extreme British fans would spend around $7700 to enjoy two weeks in Australia and attend the fourth and fifth Ashes Tests, as well as a T20 match. A typical day at the cricket could cost Victorian fans an astounding $350 and NSW fans $330, almost one hundred dollars more than Tasmanian fans ($262 per day) would pay for their seat, food, drink and a souvenir2 at a One Day International match between cricket’s greatest foes.

Victorians planning to watch all of the Boxing Day Ashes Test will need to save up to a whopping $1092 while those in NSW would need an estimated $10463.

Australia’s shock loss at the last Ashes battle and England’s determination to prove they’re still on top of the game they taught Australians to play will make this year’s summer of cricket a must-see for fans in both countries.

Virgin Money Australia spokesperson, Nick Larkworthy said, “A day at the cricket is no longer as accessible as it once was. The high cost means fans should consider saving now so they hopefully witness Australia win back the Ashes this year.”

“As prices continue to rise across the board, Australians are starting to recognise the importance of saving for their passions, whatever they might be, and a great way to do that is to open a high interest savings account and set up an automatic savings plan,” Mr Larkworthy said.

Although cricket fans in South Australia, WA and Queensland are likely to pay less than one thousand dollars to attend each day of their local Ashes Test, they would still have to fork out up to $870, $802 and $790 respectively.

Hardcore fans who attend all international games in their state because they can’t stand to miss a minute, are again worst off in Victoria and NSW, with the cost approaching $1500 for Victorians and over $12004 for those in NSW.

Cricket fans, you’ve been warned – start saving now so you don’t miss out.

1Based on a three month stay in Australia and attendance at all available games
2Based on a reserved seat at a One Day International match and including the cost of food, drink, a t-shirt and a cap
3Based on a reserved seat for the five-day Ashes Test, food, drink, a t-shirt and a cap
4Dependent on the number of games in each state, includes cost of a reserved seat, food, drink, a t-shirt and a cap

Nick Larkworthy
PR Manager
Virgin Money Australia
T: 02 8249 8006
E: nick.larkworthy@virginmoney.com.au

Research methodology

Research was conducted in September 2010. Australian cricket prices are based on the price of a reserved-seat ticket, two pies, one ice cream, hot chips, four beers, one bottle of water, a t-shirt and cap. The price of the reserved seat varies based on the type of event (i.e. Five-Day Ashes Test, One Day International match or a T20 match). English cricket prices are based on the price of flights, accommodation (average of $145 per night), match food (average of $18.10 per day), match drinks (average at $29.85 per day) and the reserved-seat ticket (plus merchandise and miscellaneous travelling costs).