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7 July 2011

Sir Richard Branson sends one lucky Aussie to space to realise the ultimate childhood dream

Virgin Money will send one lucky Aussie to space as a part of its birthday celebrations. Entries can be made at virginmoney.com.au.

The promotion will be the first of its kind for a financial services provider in Australia and will be launched in conjunction with the Virgin Money Childhood Dreams Index, which has revealed the nation’s dreams and ambitions in brand new research.

Sir Richard Branson, in town to celebrate Virgin Money’s birthday, commented:

“I always dreamt of going to space and it seems Aussies did too. Our research told us that half of all boys and 1 in 5 girls dreamt of going to space when they were children and I’m thrilled that we’ll be making the ultimate childhood dream come true for someone here in Australia.”

The research revealed Australia is a nation of dreamers. While most Australians (70%) dreamt of becoming a grown up in their youth, they now yearn to be children again. What’s more, although a clear majority (72%) of adults thought about what they wanted to be when they were growing up, nearly three-quarters of Aussies admitted that they hadn’t realised their dream due to their life experience (65%), their dreams changing (42%) or not having the financial capacity to make them happen (31%).

Sir Richard Branson reflected further on the research:

“Dreams spark bright ideas and help define who we are. Although many Australians admitted to not having achieved their childhood dream, it’s never too late. I don’t believe that financial reasons should stop you from achieving your dreams.”

The Virgin Money Childhood Dream Index also revealed varying dreams by gender. Although the majority of children (75%) dreamt of becoming rich when they were growing up, men were more focussed on this than women, who were more intent on giving back than making the big bucks.

Overall, the top dream career for men was to become a sportsman, pilot or astronaut. Females on the other hand dreamt about becoming a vet, zoo keeper, actress or ballerina.

The nation’s top 10 dream careers overall were:

  1. Actor/Actress/Musician
  2. Sportsman/woman
  3. Vet/Zoo Keeper
  4. Pilot
  5. Doctor
  6. Policeman/woman
  7. Celebrity
  8. Astronaut
  9. Ballerina/Dancer
  10. Secret Agent

It was clear that while many adults would like to fulfil their childhood dream, they would happily forego their childhood ambition so their children could realise their dream. 90% of respondents said they would sacrifice their own dreams so their children could realise theirs.

Branson agrees:
“Our children are the future. We should encourage them to think big and in ways that haven’t been done before. I’d do anything to make sure my kids achieved their dreams and it seems most Aussies would do the same.”

Virgin Money will also be launching brilliant birthday deals available until 31 July. From credit cards to savings and insurance to super, the objective behind the offers is to put more money in the pockets of new customers**.

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