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We’re here to help if you are struggling to meet your financial commitments.

If you are concerned about your financial position and feel that you are struggling or may struggle to meet your financial commitments, we may be able to assist you.

Virgin Money understands that peoples' circumstances change; you might have been made redundant, lost a source of income, suffered family violence, an illness or experienced loss or difficulty due to a natural disaster.

If you are unsure of whether you are experiencing difficulty, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Assistance Team.

Credit Card Customers - For information on how we can assist you, please click here.

How can we assist?

How can we assist?

We have a dedicated Customer Assistance Team which is there to assist customers who are experiencing financial difficulty in meeting their commitments.

You can ask us to deal with your financial counsellor or representative rather than dealing with you. In this instance, we will require their contact details in writing which can be provided by completing the letter of authority form and sending it to us via email, post or fax.

Once an application has been received, the team will be prompt to respond to you or your representative. Our team will initially review your financial situation and where necessary contact you for further supporting documentation. An assessment will be completed and the assistance that we may offer will depend on your personal circumstances. We will review and consider any reasonable and mutually acceptable proposal you suggest.

It is important for you to be as open and as realistic as you can be, about your financial position. In turn, we will be compassionate in trying to understand your situation and when discussing any way we can help.

If you have a joint account, we can consider your application for assistance and if you ask us to, we can do so without involving the other account holder initially.

If you are a guarantor and we have made a demand for you to service a default, and you would like to apply for financial assistance, please contact us to discuss your options.

Hardship assistance is approved on a temporary basis, provided that we reasonably expect that you will be in a position to meet your financial obligations following our assessment and in the future.

Assistance may include options such as:

  • Temporary deferral of loan repayments
  • Capitalisation of arrears
  • Extending the term of the contract 
  • Providing interest only repayment options

Where a financial assistance arrangement is accepted and entered, this may result in an increase in your repayments and or to pay more interest over the loan term.

Redraw Options

If you've been paying more than the scheduled repayments into your home loan you might be able to access these funds via a redraw. To find out more about this you can contact our Customer Care Team on 13 81 51.

Making payments

Automated payments that have been created as a transfer order or from an external institution will remain in place. It’s important to continue to make repayments to your loan or credit card whilst your application for financial assistance is being considered.

How to apply or contact us

How to apply or contact our Customer Assistance Team

If you would like further information on how we may be able to assist you if you are experiencing financial difficulty in meeting your commitments or would like assistance with completing an application, please call the toll-free hotline number listed below and speak to one of our Customer Assistance Team members. Alternatively, you can complete a paper application and submit it directly to our team using the contact details below.

Download Hardship application form for assistance with financial difficulty.

8.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday (AEST)
1800 701 997

Hardship Department
GPO Box 898
Brisbane QLD

For credit card hardship assistance please contact our credit card team on 1800 255 304 or click here for more information.

It's important that you contact us as soon as possible if you're having difficulties making your repayments and tell us about your situation. We are here to help.

More Information

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