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Travel checklist

These top travel tips are the smartest steps to getting you ready, set, and go.

  1. Take care of travel insurance

    Right at the top of the list: travel insurance. Although you may never need it, it’s infinitely better to be safe than sorry. And always make sure you have the right kind of cover if you’re doing something a little different. For example, if you’re planning on abseiling, our Adventure Pack is the go. If it’s a sail around Santorini, look into our Cruise Pack. As for skiing, needless to say our Snow Pack may be worth considering.

  2. Get up-to-date with passports and visas

    If you’re going overseas, you’ll need a current passport with at least six months’ validity from the date you plan to return home. Your travels may also be taking you to countries that require a visa. So make sure you get all the appropriate visas - including transit - before you go. To find out more, go to dfat.gov.au/visas.

  3. Know what’s what with vaccinations

    In many parts of the world, vaccinations are required. If you’re not sure it applies to where you’re going, visit your local GP for advice. And don’t forget that certain vaccinations require repeat doses and/or take a while to take effect, so it’s best to get on top of this early on in your planning.

  4. Travel well with medicine

    If you take prescription medication, there are a few things to remember. Firstly, pack enough to last throughout your trip, and always take more in case there’s an unexpected delay. It’s also important to carry your medications in their original, labelled containers. And pack them in your carry-on: checked-in luggage has been known to suffer from the occasional ‘lost in transit’ hiccup.

    Don’t forget that certain prescription medicines are illegal in some countries. It’s best to check this with the embassies of where you’re going to make sure what you’re taking is legal. You should also carry a letter from your doctor detailing what it is, how much you’ll be taking, and whether it’s for you or someone else (e.g. a child).

    If you still have questions about prescription medicine overseas, here are some great information sources:

    Travelling Overseas with PBS Medicine – Medicare
    Travelling with Medicines and Medical Devices – Therapeutic Goods Administration

    Or call the Department of Human Services PBS medicine enquiry line on 1800 500 147.

  5. Copy the important stuff

    If your important papers go missing while you’re travelling, it's not the end of the world. You just need a back-up plan. Simply scan and print/email copies of your passport, travel insurance certificate, ticket, itinerary, emergency phone and credit-card numbers before you leave. For added security, give copies to your family and/or a friend. Our free, handy travel App lets you store and access your travel documents on the go. It’s definitely worth having on board.

  6. Be world-wise

    Before you go overseas, head to our travel alerts page. It's where you can check for travel information and warnings before you book your trip, and again before you leave. You can also subscribe for updates about your destination at smartraveller.gov.au. And don't forget to register your travel plans and contact information so the Government can get in touch in case of an emergency. Remember: stay safe and travel smart.

  7. Contact your card issuer

    If you're off overseas, call your bank beforehand and let them know where you'll be going and for how long. It's also good to take a mix of payment types, i.e. credit cards, pre-paid travel cards and cash. That way you’re covered wherever you are.

  8. Talk their language

    Don’t have time to study up on the language before you go? No problem, it's easily solved with a phrase book. They're essential to have on hand and could help you out immensely. Or, better yet, download the Google Translate App and have your phone ask for you. (Fluently, of course.)

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