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Virgin Super Plus - Benefits

If you'd like to get more involved and take control of your super, then Super Plus could be for you. You can Mix & Match your investment mix, and change it as often as you like. Here you’ll learn all about the other benefits of Super Plus.

With Super Plus you can mix and match your asset classes. Choose the percentage split between all or any of the following:

  • Lifestage Tracker® Balanced
  • Lifestage Tracker® Aggressive
  • International shares
  • Australian shares
  • Property
  • Cash & Fixed Interest
You can change this mix whenever you wish and there are no switching fees. To find out more, visit the Investment Options section.


One of the smart ways to look after your superannuation investment is to be part of an index tracking fund, like Virgin Super. Why? Well super’s a long-term investment and, put simply, index tracking is a long-term strategy. It’s designed to work with the markets over time to grow your investment as much as possible.

Index tracking fund

An index fund tracks the performance of a particular market. This is different to an active fund where investors try to outperform the market.

To give you a bit more of an insight, here’s our top three on why we choose to track the index instead of using an active fund management approach.

  1. Less fees More InfoAs we’re not an actively managed fund, you’re not paying for managers to do their guesswork routine. So it’s lower costs to us and less fees eating into your account over time.
  2. Less risky business for you More InfoSo members can benefit from diversification, index funds invest in a number of stocks that represent the index (like the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index). Because all those eggs aren’t in the one or two big baskets, you end up reducing risk while expecting to achieve returns similar to the market.
  3. It’s an uncomplicated approach More InfoMany super funds invest by actively picking stocks in the hope they can outperform the market. That’s their way of attempting to up returns.

Your online account accessible 24/7 on any device so you can easily track and manage your super when it's convenient for you. Your online account allows you to easily:

  • view your super account balance
  • update your personal details
  • switch between Virgin Super Essentials and Virgin Super Plus
  • change your investment mix
  • view previous statements
  • organise your rollover(s) to consolidate your super
  • update your Insurance preferences
  • and much more...

It doesn't seem fair when you think about it. When mums go on maternity leave, or dads go on paternity leave – their superannuation contributions stop. So why on earth do super funds continue to charge Administration Fees?

Virgin Super was the first Super fund in Australia to do something about it. We'll waive your Administration Fees for up to 12 months while you're on maternity or paternity leave. What else would you expect from Virgin?

Ready for your delivery?
Our Baby Break isn’t means tested, so you get the full benefit* while you’re on maternity or paternity leave. You can apply for the Virgin Super Baby Break once per child.

If you're an existing member and want to apply for the Virgin Super Baby Break, fill in the Baby Break Form.

*Conditions apply. See full terms and conditions.

In April 2015, the UK Government made changes to the tax and pension rules governing UK pension schemes. These changes meant that many Australian super funds, including Virgin Super, are no longer a UK Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). If you wish to transfer your UK pension to a non-qualifying scheme (such as Virgin Super), you will be liable for additional UK tax charges on your transferred funds.
It is important that before you transfer any benefits you consider all your options. You should seek independent advice before deciding to transfer your UK pension to Australia.

If you wish to transfer your Virgin Super account to your KiwiSaver in New Zealand, you’ll need to complete a Trans-Tasman Transfer Application form.

For more information, please contact our Customer Care team on 1300 652 770 (Weekdays from 8am to 6pm AEST).

Being protected is important. For Aussie Residents aged 15-64, we’re offering Automatic Insurance cover, which includes pre-approved Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) Insurance. Your cover and related premium will be based on your age.

If you want more cover, you can tailor your cover.

If you don’t think you need Automatic Insurance, you can opt out of this cover at any time via your online account. See Insurance Options for more information.

Independent superannuation research company, SuperRatings, put Australian superannuation funds under the microscope each year.

After a comprehensive analysis of over 300 superannuation products covering upwards of $400 billion, we have been awarded a SuperRatings 2015 Silver rating for both Virgin Super Essentials and Virgin Super Plus offers.

SuperRatings Silver MySuper

What this means to you

SuperRatings’ ratings system is designed to reflect each fund’s “Value for Money”. This means with Virgin Super, you’ll get:

  • value from your fund
  • a secure environment
  • good benefits
  • suitable and well-priced insurance

How is this awarded?

SuperRatings seeks to cover over 300 individual parts of a superannuation fund’s offering, and the rating system drills down to seven main components:

  • Investment
  • Fees and charges
  • Administration
  • Advice
  • Governance
  • Insurance
  • Quality overlay

Remember ratings are just one of the factors you should consider when deciding whether the product is right for you.

Things you should know
Before you rollover or consolidate your superannuation, you should check to see if insurance or other benefits will be impacted or lost. Some funds may also charge withdrawal or exit fees.

This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your personal financial situation, needs or objectives. As we don’t know your financial needs we can’t advise if Virgin Super will suit you. Please consider the Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide before making a decision about the product.


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It is very important to note that superannuation is a generally long term investment and that past performance is not indicative of future performance.


* Automatic Death & TPD cover for Australian residents aged 15-64 with our default insurance offering. Conditions and Exclusions (such as pre-existing medical conditions) apply. See the Virgin Super Insurance Guide for more information.


^ The Virgin Super Plus Administration Fee rate percentage is tiered and decreases for balances greater than $25,000 and $250,000. Other fees & costs apply, see the Product Disclosure Statement for further information.


+ SuperRatings award reflects a funds' value for money, and is awarded based on a rating system of investment, fees and service. SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this product. Go to www.superratings.com.au for details of its ratings criteria.


This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your personal financial situation, needs or objectives. As we don’t know your financial needs we can’t advise if Virgin Super will suit you. Please consider the Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide before making a decision about the product.


Prepared by Virgin Money Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 51 113 285 395, AFSL 286869. Diversa Trustees Limited ABN 49 006 421 638, AFSL 235153 is Trustee for Virgin Superannuation ABN 88 436 608 094. Virgin Superannuation ABN 88 436 608 094.