Investing in Super through your 60s

Investing in Super through your 60's [VIDEO]

Chris Sozou, Virgin Money Australia’s General Manager Wealth and Insurance, outlines some of the lifestyle factors that influence the way you could be investing in super during your 60’s.

These include:

  • Transition from work to retirement
  • Access super balance or aged pension
  • Insulating super balance from external shocks

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“This is the decade when most people will transition out of work and into retirement. With all your good work in the preceding decades, you should have a healthy retirement bucket from which you can start to live your retirement dream. With retirement so close, it is important to insulate your super balance from market shocks. It is for this reason that our Virgin Super LifeStage Tracker® Balanced option will automatically lower your level of risk by investing up to 80% of your balance in defensive assets such as Australian Fixed Interest, Australian Listed Property and Cash. We will keep 20% of your balance in growth assets such as Australian Shares and International Share with the aim of providing that little bit extra to help your super last longer.“

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