Does your credit card come with complimentary international travel insurance?

Does your credit card come with complimentary international travel insurance?

A caricature of the streets of London, gelato in Rome, a handful of tacky Eiffel Tower key rings from Paris – there are a million ways you can spend your money on holiday. However, one such way that is less publicised by big travel guides is the importance of having appropriate travel insurance.

Being adequately covered by your travel insurance for the activities you plan to undertake could be a lifesaver if a problem occurs whilst you are away, especially in a foreign country where medical expenses may be high. Whether your travel is about rest and relaxation or adventures, you may wish to check out the cover options at Virgin Travel Insurance.

For those who already have a Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card, you’ll receive complimentary international travel insurance if you pay for your overseas flights with your credit card.

How do I get Complimentary International Travel Insurance for my spouse and children?

If you shout the whole family a trip on the card, you’ll get the insurance for your spouse and dependent children, provided they travel with you. Cover includes medical expenses for illness or injury, lost or stolen luggage, legal liability and more.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the Complimentary International Travel Insurance that comes with your Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card, so you fully understand what it covers, what it excludes and whether it is right for your needs.

There are many cards on the market that may also offer Complimentary International Travel Insurance. The ways to be eligible for insurance, and the levels of cover and exclusions, may differ so be sure to read the fine print specific to your particular credit card.

Why do you need international travel insurance?

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website SmartTraveller offers a whole page of examples of times when travel insurance has really helped Australians in their time of need. If you travel and come into trouble – often medical or lost-luggage related – you will have to foot the bill without help.

Where would you put the dollars you saved if you had complimentary international travel insurance?

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