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  • Repayment options to pay your card account

    Via BPAY®

    You can use BPAY® to make your repayments. Our Biller Code is 49551 and your 16-digit Virgin Money Card number is your Customer Reference number.

    Direct Debit Auto Pay

    With Direct Debit Auto Pay your repayments will be automatically deducted each month from the bank account of your choice so you'll never have to worry about them.

    To set this up click on the link to download the 'Direct Debit Auto Pay application form' and return it to us.

    It's important to know that if you make any manual payments between due dates, then the Direct Debit will only draw the difference between the amount of the manual payments and the Direct Debit amount.

    Important - it can take up to 3 business days for your Direct Debit payment to be cleared from the bank account you have nominated to be debited. Until the payment is cleared, these funds will not be available for use.

    By posting us a Cheque

    You can post us your payment by enclosing your completed Payment Slip provided with your monthly statement and mail with your cheque (no notes or coins please) to the following address:

    Virgin Money
    GPO Box 4299
    Sydney NSW 2001

    Please make your cheques payable to your Virgin Money Account number and specify your account type e.g. “Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card - Account number”. So we can process it as quickly as possible for you it would be good if you write the actual Account number on the back of your cheque. Cheques payable to the Account holder may also be accepted (e.g. dividend cheque, Medicare refund, etc) but cheques payable to a third party will not be accepted.

    Again, a friendly reminder to please write your account number on the back of all cheques.

    At Australia Post

    You can make your payments at any Australia Post office displaying the Bank@Post™ symbol using cash or EFTPOS and they'll be processed immediately. It's important to remember to take your Payment Slip and your Credit Card with you for a faster transaction. For payments made at any other Australia Post using cash or EFTPOS, please allow 48 hours for the payment to reach your Account. When paying by cheque at any Australia Post office, please allow 7 business days for the cheque to clear. However, funds will be considered received the day the cheque is deposited.

    How are payments allocated if you have additional cardholders?

    When you make a payment to your account using the Reference Number shown on your statement (which is also your Account number), the available limit is updated for you as the primary cardholder as soon as the payment is processed.

    For purchases made by additional cardholders, their available limit will be updated when your next statement is issued. If you need to make credit available to them earlier, you can make payments to your account using the additional cardholder's card number as the Reference Number.

  • Pay bills with your card

    It’s important to know that not all billers accept bill payments via credit card via BPAY. As a general rule if a biller charges a surcharge for credit card payments, then BPAY is not allowed. You can check if your biller accepts credit card payments via BPAY at bpay.com.au. Find your biller then check what payment methods they accept.

    If your biller does accept credit card BPAY payments, then log into your Virgin Money Online account and head to the Payments and Transfers section.

    To pay your bill, go to: Payments & Transfers > Make Payment / Transfer, and select 'Ad-Hoc Bill Payment' from the drop down menu. Then click on SEARCH to enter the Biller and Reference codes as detailed on your bill and confirm the transaction.

    If you have billers you'd like to pay off regularly via BPAY with your credit card, you can add the biller to your frequent biller list.

    BPAY payments are not eligible to earn Velocity Points10. Learn more about making payments and transfers with your online account.

  • Minimum monthly repayments

    Your Minimum Payment Due is (rounded up to the nearest dollar):

    1. the Card Balance if it is less than $30; or
    2. the greater of:
      • $30; or
      • 2.00% of the Card Balance; or
      • (a)the sum of: 1.00% of the Card Balance; Late Payment Fee (if any); and interest charged (excluding any interest included in amounts added back below as part of a Fixed Payment Option) for that month,

    plus any Instalment, initial interest charge, Fixed Payment Option fee or related interest on any of them, that is part of a Fixed Payment Option for that month.

  • Interest free period

    An interest free period may apply to the retail purchase balance. An interest free period starts on the day your account opens. Once an interest free period starts, it continues until you fail to pay by a payment due date the closing balance from the last statement of account (excluding any fixed payment option balance which isn’t due for payment by that payment due date). The daily interest calculation will commence the day after that payment due date. Another interest free period will commence when you pay the closing balance from a statement of account by the payment due date on that statement (excluding any fixed payment option balance which isn’t due for payment by that payment due date). The interest free period starts on the day you pay that closing balance.

  • Apple Pay

    The easy and secure way to pay with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.36

    Learn more - Apple Pay

  • Samsung Pay

    An easier, faster and secure way to pay, using your compatible Samsung device at point of sale terminals where you can swipe or tap your card.37

    Learn more - Samsung Pay

  • Google Pay

    Enjoy the convenient and secure checkout with your phone everywhere Google Pay is accepted. 40

    Learn more - Google Pay

  • Hardship Assistance

    How we may be able to assist you in times of financial hardship

    Virgin Money knows that from time to time you may experience a sudden change in your life which causes unplanned financial hardship and an urgent call for our help. That's why we provide you with short term financial relief and longer-term support.

    We’re here to understand your situation and tailor our financial solutions to best suit your individual needs. Depending on your circumstances, these include temporary relief on your loan or credit card repayments, loan extensions or a variation of your contract.

    So whether your situation is caused by unemployment, injury or illness, divorce, a natural disaster or an unexpected reduction in your income, we’re here to help you get back on track.

    For more information on how we can assist you – click on the links below:

  • Options to manage your credit card account

    You can manage your credit card account via:

    • Virgin Money Mobile app
      Check you balance, pay bills and keep up to date with your latest transactions and statements whole on the move. To get started:
      1. Download the Virgin Money app from the App Store or Google Play Store
      2. From the home screen, select 'Exisitng customers, this way!'
      3. Enter your mobile number - this should be the mobile number linked to your Virgin Money credit card account
      4. You'll be sent a One-Time PIN - enter the PIN as requested
      5. Then follow the prompts and enter the information requested
      6. Confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions and your card will be linked to your mobile app

    If you prefer to manage your credit card via the browser, you can register for Virgin Money Online - if you haven't already.

    Important to know, if you enter your details incorrectly 3 times, for security reasons your access to the app will be locked for 24 hours. Please call our Customer Care team on 13 37 39 if you receive any error messages so we can assist you.

    • Internet Banking - Virgin Money Online
      Log in to your online account, to access a wide range of services such as: 
      - Check your Account information
      - View your details, activity and statement
      - Pay your bills via BPAY up to your Credit Card limit
      - Update your contact details
      - And lots more...
    • Telephone Self Service
      Give us a call on 13 37 39 and follow the prompts. You'll need your Virgin Money credit card and your Telephone PIN (TPIN) with you. If you don't remember your TPIN, we can reset this for you.
    • Our Customer Care team
      They’re available 24/7 on 13 37 39 or on +61 2 8288 2222 if you’re calling from outside of Australia.