Does Virgin Money support joint accounts?

Yes, after completing the application we’ll send a message to the other party and the account will be opened once they have provided their details. Important to know that all applicants must complete formal identification before the account can be opened.


Can I open a business account?

No, our transaction and savings account are for personal use only.


Are there any monthly account keeping fees?

Monthly fees? Nope, none, zilch. You can check out our fees here.


What’s your current interest rate?

You can find all our latest rates here.


How is interest calculated?

Interest is calculated from the day funds are credited to your account. It is calculated daily by applying the applicable interest rate to the closing balance of your account each day as follows:

Daily closing balance x interest rate (per annum)
Number of days in the year (365 or 366 days)

We will credit interest to your account at the close of business on the last day of each calendar month. The interest credited to your account will only be included in the closing balance from the first day of the next calendar month.


How do I qualify for bonus interest?

  • For the Grow saver account, the Bonus rate is achieved by making at least 1 deposit and no more than 1 withdrawal (including any internal transfers or Pay Someone transfers) out of your Grow Saver.
  • For the Boost saver account, the Bonus Interest Rate applies up to the aggregate balance of $250,000 across all Boost Savers accounts that are held in the same name. It is applicable for any month, where the Monthly Criteria was achieved in the immediately preceding month. The Monthly Criteria below must be made into a Virgin Money Go Account that is in the same name as your Boost Saver.
Age group Monthly Criteria
14 – 17 years There are no Monthly Criteria requirements. You’re good to go.
Over 18  years
Deposit $1,000 or more from another financial institution (such as your salary) into your Virgin Money Go Account and make at least 5 purchases, direct debits or BPAY payments which settle in that month (not pending). 

Does Virgin Money offer Online Banking for the savings and transaction account?

Online access via our website is not currently available. Transaction & Savings accounts can only be accessed through our mobile banking app which gives you access anytime, anywhere. Whether you need to check your accounts, make a payment, transfer funds, set up savings goals or access Virgin Money Rewards, you can do all this, and more, via the Virgin Money app.


Can I use the transaction or savings account as an offset account for my Virgin Money Home Loan?

Not at this time.


Are there any ATM fees?

Currently ATM access is free via the BOQ ATM Network and the 4 major banks. Although Virgin Money doesn’t charge domestic ATM withdrawals fees, some financial institutions or independent ATM operators may charge fees for using their ATMs and there are fees for balance enquiries and international ATMs. You can check out our full list of fees here.


Where can I find the BSB for Virgin Money accounts?

You can locate the BSB and your Account number in the app on the Accounts screen anytime.

Important to know, that Bank of Queensland (BOQ) may show up as the receiving bank. The reason for that is because we're a subsidiary of BOQ.

How do I open an account?

Simply download the Virgin Money app from the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions. This should take no longer than 5 minutes to set up, provided that you have all the required information available. If you’re opening a joint account, we’ll send a message to the other party and the account will be opened once they have provided their details. Important to know that all applicants must complete formal identification before the account can be opened.


How old do I need to be to open an account?

You need to be at least 14 years of age to open an account.


The app won’t accept my Identification

If we can’t identify you electronically, we’ll email you a form so that you can complete your ID at your nearest Aus Post outlet.


I don’t have a suitable Identification

Unfortunately we’re unable to open accounts for anyone who is unable to provide us with valid Australian identification documents.


I’m not an Australian resident

Virgin Money accounts are only available to Australian residents.


How do I make a deposit?

You can transfer money into your account from any Australian banking account, you just need to use your BSB and account number, you can also provide these details to your employer and have your salary paid directly to the account. If you’ve set up PayID you can transfer money into your account and access it straight away (if you’re other banking account offers this service).

What smartphones do we support?

Devices we currently support are:

  • On Apple devices - iOS 12.0 or later
  • On Android devices - Android 8.0 or later

Does Virgin Money support biometrics (Touch ID or Face ID)?

Yes indeed we do. We support both Touch ID and Face ID. You’ll be prompted to enable Touch ID or Face ID when you set up your account and you can still use a passcode if you prefer.


What features are available through the app?

Depending on the type of account you have, you can log in to the app using your access code or biometrics, once your logged in you can check your balance, transfer money within Australia, pay bills via BPAY, update your personal details, increase your daily limits, access statements, open and close accounts plus you can securely chat to us if you need assistance or have a general question.

Where can I find the BSB for Virgin Money accounts?

For anyone transferring funds into your Virgin Money Go Account, Boost Saver or Grow Saver accounts you’ll need to provide our Virgin Money BSB 122-778 and Account number.

You can locate the BSB and your Account number in the app on the Accounts screen anytime.

Important to know, that Bank of Queensland (BOQ) may show up as the receiving bank. The reason for that is because we're a subsidiary of BOQ.


Can I get my salary paid into my Virgin Money account?

Yes, you can arrange for your salary paid into your Virgin Money account, just let your employer know your BSB and account number – you can find this info in the app.


How long do transfers/payments take?

Pay Anyone and BPAY transfers can take 1-2 business days, PayID and OSKO payments should be processed almost instantly, however these processing times can vary depending on payment rules and processing times of the other financial institution.


Can I set up scheduled Payments and Transfers?

Yes, a few things to know - Scheduled transfers and savings plan transfers can only be made when there are sufficient cleared funds in your account by midnight the day prior. If there are not enough cleared funds then that scheduled payment will not occur and will need to be submitted again, however future scheduled payments will continue to take place. Scheduled payments that fall on a non-Business Day will usually happen the next Business day. If you would like to cancel a scheduled transfer or savings plan then you must cancel the day prior to the scheduled transfer taking place.


Is there a limit to how much I can pay someone?

For outgoing payment you have up to $5,000 daily limit and you can increase this amount to $20,000. For amounts above $20,000 you can arrange for a limit increase that will apply until midnight the day of the change, this can be done within the mobile app.

For OSKO payments there is a daily limit of $1,000 and this cannot be increased.


Are my savings covered by the Australian Government Deposit Guarantee Scheme?

Yes, funds held in your Virgin Money Go Account, Boost Saver or Grow Saver accounts are covered for up to $250,000 by the Australian Government Deposit Guarantee Scheme. These are covered as Virgin Money is part of the BOQ Group.

It’s important to note that the $250,000 limit applies to all funds held by the BOQ Group overall, so if you have funds in a BOQ account for example, these funds must be included in the $250,000 covered.


Does Virgin Money have a SWIFT code?

Virgin Money doesn’t currently support in-bound or out-bound payments using the SWIFT network or other inter-bank international payment networks.


Can I deposit cash or cheque into my account?

Cash and cheque deposits can be made at a Bank of Queensland branch and you may incur a fee.  You will need to complete a deposit form and take it with you when you make your deposit.

If you have a cheque to deposit and don’t have a BOQ branch nearby, you can post it to us at  Level 19, 255 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2001 Make sure you write your name and account number you want the cheque deposited to on the back of the cheque. You will also need to complete our deposit form and send it in with your cheque.

Important to know, we can only accept cheques made out to the name of the Virgin Money account holder.


I suspect fraudulent activity on my account

Call us immediately on 13 81 51, you should also put a hold on your card in the app, head to the card management screens.


When do I get my statements?

Statements are issued every 3 months for Transaction accounts and 6 months for Savings accounts. We’ll let you know when they are available for viewing / downloading from the mobile app.


How do I download and view statements?

Head to the statements screens in the app and you can download any statement that is available. If you need an up to date statement – out of cycle – you can order one from the app, no need to call.


Can I get statements mailed to me?

As a digital bank we don’t offer post as an option. Your statements are easily accessible within the app and you can download whenever you need them.


Can I get statements on demand?

Yes, you can request these in the app, where you can also access your regular statements.


I need an interest summary for my tax return

Interest summary statements showing all interest earned for the previous financial year will be available from the 15th July and available from the Statement and Documents screen in the app.

I forgot my access code

If you enter an incorrect access code 3 times your access will be blocked and you’ll need to speak with our team to have the block removed.


I can’t remember the answers to my secret questions

Careful, 3 incorrect responses to your secret questions and your access will be blocked. You’ll need to speak with our team to have the block removed and your questions reset.


I need to update my personal information

No problem, it’s super easy to update your details in the app, if you’re changing your mobile number you’ll need to have access to your current and new mobile number as we’ll send an OTP to both numbers, when entering your mobile number, always use the country code, so for Australia enter +614XXXXXXXX.

If you’re changing your mobile number to or from an international number you’ll need to talk to our team.

Important to know, these updates only apply to the Virgin Money products you can manage in the app. If you need to update your details for other Virgin Money products, call us on 13 81 51.


I’ve got a new phone

Download the Virgin Money app, and follow the existing customer prompts to set up your new device. You can have a maximum of 5 devices linked to your account so you may need to talk to our team to remove old devices if you’ve reached the maximum allowed.


I changed my mobile number

You can update your local mobile number in the app. You’ll need to have access to your current and new mobile number as we’ll send an OTP to both numbers, when entering your mobile number, always use the country code, so for Australia enter +614XXXXXXXX.

 If you need to update an International number (that’s to or from and international number), you’ll need to call our Customer Care Team on 13 81 51 or +61 2 9060 5460 if you’re already overseas.


I lost my phone

If anyone knows how to access your phone, call us. If not, when you have a new phone, download our app and follow the existing customer option to get back up and running.


How do I close my account?

You can close your account in the app and you’ll be walked through the process including transferring any funds available to another account.

Important to remember to download all your statements before you close your account, if you need copies after you’ve closed the account and you have deleted the app, there will be a fee charged to have them posted to you.

What type of card will come with my Virgin Money account?

If your phone supports Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay there’s no need to wait for your physical card to arrive, we’ll guide you on how to set up and activate your PAYs when you open your account.

Your physical Visa debit card will arrive within 5-7 business days of your account opening.


How do I activate my card?

When you have your card in your hands, you can activate your debit card in the mobile app. When using your card to purchase, you can select debit or credit on the merchant terminal to access your funds.


I lost my card

You can report your card lost / stolen in the app, head to the card management screens and you’ll be walked through the process, you can check recent transaction for fraud and order your new card.  If you’ve also lost your phone, call us on 13 81 51 (from another phone obviously).


What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is a safer way to make online purchases with your Virgin Money Visa Debit Card. It provides you with an SMS Code to enter at checkout to authenticate the purchase and to ensure that only you may complete the transaction.

How does Verified by Visa work?

When you’re shopping online at participating retailers (merchants that have signed up to Verified by Visa) we may request you to enter an SMS Code before finalising your purchase. This SMS Code will be sent to your mobile phone and will provide us with confirmation that you are the person making the purchase on your card.

To continue shopping securely and without any inconvenience, make sure that we have your up-to-date contact details. We need your correct mobile number so that you can receive your SMS Code when making an online purchase.

Why is my transaction Pending?

Transactions remain as Pending until they have been processed by the merchant. The amount of the pending transaction is placed on hold and deducted from your available balance during this time. Important to know that it can take up to 14 business days for a merchant to process a transaction and is not in Virgin Money’s control.


What are ‘Pre-Authorisations’

Pre-Authorisations are similar to pending transactions. They are usually placed on your account by hotels, rental car agencies and other business that require an amount as security when you book through them. Pre-Authorisations will appear on your account as a pending transaction, they will remain there until the merchant releases the funds, the transaction will then disappear from your transaction list.


I don’t recognise a debit card transaction

Let us know straight away, and we’ll do our best to investigate the charge and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Visa has set rules and timelines for the dispute process, which can sometimes take up to 180 days to resolve.

It’s important to know that you will need to contact the merchant to resolve issues relating to refunds or exchanges if you change your mind, Monthly subscriptions or memberships if you wish to cancel.

If the transaction you dispute is pending, the transaction will need to be processed by the merchant fully before we can raise a dispute on your behalf, this can take up to 10 days.


I lost my card

You can report your card lost / stolen in the app, head to the card management screens and you’ll be walked through the process, you can check recent transaction for fraud and order your new card.  If you’ve also lost your phone, call us on 13 81 51 (from another phone obviously).


How do I notify you about my overseas travel plans?

Log into the app and send us a secure chat message, you’ll need to let us know the following information:

  • How long you’ll be away
  • Where you’re travelling too
  • Your departure & return dates
  • And most importantly, the best way to contact you while away

It’s important to know that by letting us know your travel details, this doesn’t mean that we won’t need to block your card if we see suspicious transactions, it greatly reduces the chance of it occurring.


I’ve still got a question (or two)

The easiest way to contact our team is to send them a secure Chat message in the app, head to the help and support screens, if they’re unavailable, you can still send them a message and they’ll reply as soon as possible. If you really do need to talk, give them a call on 13 81 51.

About Virgin Money Rewards

  • What is Virgin Money Rewards?

    Virgin Money Rewards is our loyalty program designed with you in mind. Our goal is to recognise and reward you for who you are, and to help you create better money habits. It’s about giving you a rewarding banking experience every day, not just someday.

    You'll earn Virgin Money Points for a whole heap of things like partner offers, everyday purchases, direct debits and BPAY payments, we might just decide to say thanks or well done, as well, for doing a bunch of good things for you (not us). And when it comes to using your points, we’ll give you plenty of ways that work for you too.

  • I need help with my Virgin Money Rewards. Who should I contact?

    Our Customer Care Team is always here to help. You can give us a call on 13 81 51 or chat to us directy via the app. Just go to Profile > Help & Support > Ask us anything > and select any product.

Earning & Managing Points

  • Which Virgin Money products have access to Virgin Money Rewards?

    You’ll get access to Virgin Money Rewards with any of our transaction or savings accounts: the Virgin Money Go Account, Virgin Money Boost Saver or Virgin Money Grow Saver.

    If you hold a Virgin Money Go Account, not only does it come bundled with our highest interest savings account – the Virgin Money Boost Saver –  but you'll also get ALL the perks of Virgin Money Rewards. This includes earning points on every purchase, BPAY payment and direct debit. You’ll also be able to earn points through a huge range of partner offers and booking hotels. Not to mention, you’ll get access to other epic perks and experiences along the way.

    If you only have a Grow Saver, you’ll still be able to book hotels through the mobile banking app and have access to a huge range of partner offers – just not as many as you would if you have our Go Account as well. If rewards get you excited, then you might want to check out our everyday Go Account.

    No matter which account you hold, once you’ve got the points, you’ll be able to use them for cashback, shop for gift cards, or even pay for a recent purchase with points!

  • How can I earn points?

    We love to give, so there's heaps of ways to earn points:

    • For making a purchase, direct debit or BPAY payment on your everyday Virgin Money Go Account.
    • Partner offers - earn points from shopping with our partners via the "Offers from our partners" section of the Rewards Hub
    • Booking a hotel - earn 5 points per dollar spent via the "Book Travel" section of the Rewards Hub
    • Referring a friend - earn bonus points by referring a friend to their first Virgin Money Go Account (T&Cs apply)
    • Welcome bonus on a new Virgin Money Go Account (T&Cs apply)
    • Just for being you. We’ll find the perfect moment to surprise you with bonus points, little perks or special offers, just to say thanks

    Getting up and running is easy if you’re already a customer and have the app. Just head to the Rewards hub > Earn to start earning today.

    Learn all the ways to earn points

  • I’ve just signed up. Do I get any welcome benefits?

    You sure do! When you join Virgin Money Rewards, you will automatically unlock your first monthly benefit for the first two calendar months. That means you’ll start earning 8 Virgin Money Points for every purchase, direct debit or BPAY payment you make. We’ve just made your everyday spending rewarding.

    If you’re 17 years of age or under, you’ll always earn 8 Virgin Money Points on every transaction you make. Enjoy the rewards!

  • Do my Virgin Money Points expire?

    There’s no 'use-by' date on these points as long as you have an active eligible product with us and have earned or redeemed a point within the last 2 years. That said, if you close all your accounts, you’ll have 3 months to redeem any outstanding points.

  • How can I review the points activity on my account?

    Your points are always at your fingertips. Simply head to the Rewards Hub in the app, then select your points balance to access My Points Activity. Here you can view all of the Virgin Money Points that you’ve earned and redeemed. To review the details or the status of any transaction, just tap on the transaction.

  • When are Virgin Money Points credited to my account?

    Virgin Money Points are generally credited to your account within a day of the transaction appearing in your account. Although depending on the merchant transaction, Virgin Money Points may take up to 5 working days from the transaction appearing, but it should usually be a lot quicker than that. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Bonus points from your everyday spend on your Virgin Money debit card will generally take 24 hours and can take up to 5 business days on rare occasions.
    • Points earned through Hotel Bookings will be posted to your account after your stay with the Hotel. This may take up to 24 hours after your stay to arrive in your Points Activity.
    • Points earned through a Virgin Perk (a special offer from Virgin Money) will be posted to your account as per applicable T&Cs, typically upon completion of any eligibility criteria. Please allow for an additional 2-3 days.
    • Points earned through our partner offers will be posted to your account as per applicable T&C’s, typically when you complete any eligibility criteria. These are generally within 24 hours, but can take up to 5 business days on rare occasions.
  • What happens if I hold a Joint Account?

    If you hold a joint Go Account, most points will be split evenly between you and your mate. If you earn points through one of our partner offers, the joint account holder who made that purchase will receive all the points.

  • I don’t think my Virgin Money Points were correctly credited to me. What can I do?

    Simply head to your points history by tapping on your points balance in the Rewards Hub. Under ‘My Points History’, locate the points credit you’d like to review in more detail and tap to see the exact calculation of the Virgin Money Points for each posted transaction on your Virgin Money debit card. If you think the points have been applied incorrectly, please contact our Customer Care Team in the app or call us on 13 81 51 and reference the specific transaction details so we can look into it.

  • Can I earn points for referring a friend? How?

    Yes - If you are an existing Go Account customer, you can refer a friend and both earn bonus points when they create a Virgin Money Go Account using your unique referral code and meet the current Welcome Bonus Criteria (see offer T&Cs that apply).

    To share the love, head to the Rewards Hub then click on the ‘Refer A Friend’ offer to generate your unique referral link and share this with your friends. It’s that easy.

  • How long does it take to get my points?

    Your points will be allocated within 5 business days of your friend meeting the eligibility criteria. Just remember your friend’s transaction needs to be cleared in their account before the points will be allocated. Points won’t be allocated while the transaction is still pending.

  • Is there a limit as to how many people I can refer?

    While there isn’t a limit on how many people you can refer, you will only receive bonus points for the first five (5) successful referrals you made in any month. That’s a total of 25,000 bonus points each month! Not bad hey?

  • Does the way I earn points change if I have a Joint Account?

    In most cases, if you hold a joint account, most points will be split down the middle between you and your mate. 

    If you earn points through one of our partner offers, the joint account holder who made that purchase will receive all the points.

  • Will I still earn Velocity Points on my credit card and other products with Virgin Money?

    Yep, if you’re currently earning Velocity Frequent Flyer Points on a Virgin Money credit card, home loan*, super or insurance, you’ll continue to do so, just as you do today. Want Virgin Money Rewards on top of that? Simply take out one of our new Virgin Money transaction or savings accounts to get earning.

    *If you make a material change to your home loan including a restructure and/or opening a new loan account on or after 25 May 2020, you may no longer be eligible to earn Velocity Points. Please contact our Customer Care Team on 13 81 51 to discuss any changes you’re are considering.

Hotel Bookings

  • Can I earn Virgin Money Points when I make a hotel booking?

    Yes, you can earn Virgin Money Points when you make a travel booking through Virgin Money Rewards. Booking is easy – simply tap ‘Earn’ from the Rewards Hub and select ‘Book hotels.’ Enter your trip details to browse real-time availability and rates and book the stay that’s right for you. Your points will land in your Points Activity within 24 hours of completing your stay at the hotel.

  • Why do I see two different prices shown during the hotel booking process?

    The initial pricing shown during the hotel/room search steps of the booking process is rounded up the nearest full dollar amount. Exact room pricing (including cents) is then displayed on the confirmation step of the booking journey. Your Virgin Money Points will be calculated off that final booking price.

  • Can I book a hotel for anyone else?

    Yes, you can book hotels for yourself, as well as for your friends or family – there are no limitations. However, travellers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

  • How far in advance do I need to make a hotel booking?

    Hotel bookings must be made at least 24 hours before your check-in date.

  • What is the maximum number of guests I can book for?

    If you’re booking one room, you can book for up to four adults and four children. Please note that hotel and room availability will become more limited as you increase the number of guests per room. If you’re booking multiple rooms in the same reservation, you can only select up to four adults per room. Consider expanding your search by selecting multiple rooms for a bigger group. For example, for a family of six, select two rooms with three travellers per room.

  • When I book multiple rooms together, why can’t I select children as guests?

    If you’re booking more than one room in the same reservation, you won’t be able to select children as travellers. You may book the children as adults; however we recommend that you book rooms separately if there are children in your party.

  • Where can I find hotel information such as amenities, parking availability and other details?

    After selecting your hotel in the search results, you can review the hotel description and available amenities, as well as traveller review scores summarised from major online travel sites. If you need more information, please check out the hotel’s website or contact the hotel directly. Important information specific to your booking, such as limitations on check-in/check-out times or local municipal fees payable on site will be detailed in the Booking Conditions displayed on the check-out screen and in your confirmation email.

  • How can I change or cancel my hotel bookings?

    Unfortunately changes aren’t permitted for hotel bookings. But you may be able to cancel your travel booking and receive a refund, subject to the applicable refund terms.

    Specific cancellation and refund policies are set by each hotel. They may vary for each reservation and are available for your review on the check-out screen and in your confirmation email.

    Hotel bookings may be cancelled online through the Manage Bookings screen. Cash refunds for any amounts settled via a Virgin Money payment card will be processed back to the same card that you used to pay.

    If you’re still intending to travel, you can make a new booking online through Virgin Money Rewards.

  • Can I make a special request for the hotel?

    Yes, you can. Please enter any special requests (e.g. quiet room, special event, etc.) when finalising your booking on the check-out screen. We’ll happily pass them on to your hotel. Just remember, all requests are at the travel operator’s discretion and aren’t guaranteed. Certain requests may need to be arranged directly with the hotel, and payable directly at the Hotel’s front desk during your check in or check out.

  • Does the booking cost include taxes and service charges?

    Yes, most taxes and fees related to each reservation are already included in the pre-paid cost of the booking. For hotels, certain destinations may require a municipal city tax or resort fee that’s payable at the hotel directly and isn’t included in the pre-paid rate. We’ll flag any locally payable fees provided to us by the travel supplier on the check-out screen and in your confirmation email.

  • How can I view the details of my travel bookings?

    To view your bookings online, simply navigate to Earn from the Rewards Hub and select ‘Book hotels.’ Once there, select Manage Booking. You’ll be able to find details for all past and future bookings you’ve made via Virgin Money Rewards at any time. Bon voyage.

  • My reservation shows as pending for confirmation. What does this mean?

    If your booking is pending confirmation, our team is working on confirming the booking with your chosen hotel. Please sit tight, you’ll receive a notification via email within 24 hours about the status of your booking.

  • Help, I accidentally made a booking with the wrong information (e.g. wrong traveller name). What can I do?

    We understand mistakes happen. You can contact our quick and friendly service team at any time via We’ll do our best to help you correct your information. However, if your booking is non-refundable, there’s a possibility that the hotel may not agree to make any changes.

  • Will I receive a confirmation directly from the hotel?

    No, your booking confirmation from Virgin Money is all that’s needed. It contains your itinerary details, booking reference and all other important details for your trip. Once you have this you’re all ready to go!

  • Are bookings confirmed with the hotel instantly?

    Your booking has been confirmed once you’ve received a confirmation email from us with your itinerary details and a reference number. However, hotels may load our bookings into their own reservation systems at different times. This means that any staff at the hotel may only be able to see your reservation a few days before your travel date. Please keep this in mind if you contact your hotel directly.

  • What type of cards are accepted for payment?

    No need to worry – all credit and debit cards are accepted.

Partner Offers

  • What partner offers can I enjoy?

    You can choose from a wide range of personalised offers from Virgin Money Partners. Simply tap ‘Earn’ from the Rewards Hub and select the ‘Offers from our partners’ option. Then search through your available offers, check out the offer details and make your choice. Just remember, terms and conditions vary and can be found on the detailed screen for each offer.

  • How do I receive bonus points for my selected partner offer?

    Simply pay for the transaction in accordance with the terms and conditions of the offer with your Virgin Money debit card and points will be credited to your account within 5 business days– it’s that easy. For selected online offers, clicking through to the merchant site from the Virgin Money Rewards app is required in order to receive the bonus points.

  • Why can’t I see any partner offers?

    You’ll need to wait 24 hours to see all the offers you are eligible for. And remember, only Virgin Money Go Account holders are eligible to access all partner offers. If you are a Grow Account holder, you’ll still get access to a range of partner offers, offers from us and other Virgin businesses.

  • I’ve taken up a partner offer. Why aren’t my points in my account?

    They’re likely on their way. Card transactions that are pending won’t receive points till the transaction has been cleared in your account. As soon this happens, you’ll typically receive the bonus points within 24 hours, but these may take up to 5 business days to appear in your Points Activity.

  • How do I submit a missing points request?

    If it’s been more than 5 business days and your bonus points still don’t appear in your account, please contact our Customer Care Team via the Secure Chat feature accessed when logging into your account. Head to your profile> Help & Support > Ask us anything or by calling on 13 81 51 with the details of your transaction.

  • Why are there no offers in my city?

    Partner offers are currently only available within Australia. If you can’t find offers in your Australian city, please check the larger metropolitan areas nearest you. We’re continuously expanding our selection of offers, so watch this space and look out for our online offers.

Gift Cards

  • How can I redeem my points for a gift card?

    You can easily transfer your Virgin Money Points to a gift card (eVoucher) via Virgin Money Rewards. Simply head to ‘Redeem points for gift cards’ via the ‘Redeem’  screen to browse our range of gift cards. Then select your preferred gift card, choose your desired value and boom, it’s yours.

  • If I redeem a gift card, will I receive a physical card delivered to my address?

    No, all of our gift cards are e-vouchers and issued instantly upon redemption and sent to you via email after your purchase.

    Your Gift card e-voucher is also saved in the Rewards Hub in your Virgin Money app. Simply search under My points history> Redeem.

    Gift cards can be used online or if the merchant has a store, you can use them instore as well by scanning the e-voucher barcode.

  • Can I redeem a gift card for someone else?

    Yes, because sharing is caring. Simply enter the name and email of the recipient directly on the check-out screen. Or you can forward the gift card details to someone else after you’ve received the gift card email to your inbox.

  • Can I cancel and refund my gift card redemption?

    No, unfortunately all gift card redemptions are non-refundable. Changes and refunds are not permitted.

  • How long do gift cards remain valid?

    Validity of gift cards varies by merchant. The typical validity period is 3 years from redemption, unless otherwise specified on the check-out screen.

Points for Cash

Pay with points (previously known as Purchase Eraser)

  • What is Pay with points?

    It’s a pretty neat redemption option that allows you to redeem your points on your past purchases through the app. Yep you can use points to pay for that cheeky purchase like it never happened.

  • How can I use Pay with points?

    Head to your Go Account’s transaction history and toggle on the ‘Pay with points’ so that you’re able to view which of your past transactions are eligible. Select a transaction and click ‘confirm’ to complete the redemption. You can also directly access this feature through the ‘Transaction details’ screen. Tap into your preferred transaction and select the ‘Pay with points’ option, then click ‘confirm’ to complete the redemption. Once you’ve confirmed your redemption, you’ll receive a cash credit into your account identified as an ‘Paid with points’. Boom. It’s gone.

  • How long does it take to receive the cash credit?

    We won’t keep you waiting. Your cash credit will be credited within minutes into your Virgin Money Go Account or Savings Account.

Share your points

  • How can I share my points?

    Head to the Rewards Hub and tap on Redeem > ‘Share your points’. Select a Joint Account holder or enter the details of another Virgin Money account holder you wish to transfer points to. It’s important to include your friend’s mobile number correctly so it matches the details in their account for points to be transferred successfully. If your friend has recently updated their phone number, please allow up to 3 business days for this to be updated and try again.

    Simply toggle on the number of points you wish to transfer and hit ‘Check and transfer’. Boom! The points will be shared with your friend instantly!