What’s more Visa has a range of great services from entertainment to protection that are available with your Virgin Money Visa credit card.

Virgin Money Credit Cards - Visa benefits: Visa entertainment

Visa Offers + Perks

Experience exclusive offers, giveaways and benefits from all the things you’re into with Visa Offers + Perks.

Visit www.visa.com.au/offers to sign up and get started.

Virgin Money Credit Cards - Visa benefits: Visa concierge

Visa Concierge

Access your very own personal assistant with Visa Concierge14. You’ll be able to tap into first choice of seats to events, get help with booking flights, restaurants, and experiences. Visit Visa for more details.

Virgin Money Credit Cards - Visa benefits: Verified by Visa

Online shopping secured with Visa

Protecting you is our top priority. As a Virgin Money credit cardholder, your online transactions are secured with Visa. Visa recently enhanced its security for online purchases making the experience more seamless and easy while protecting you from fraud. One way we do this is by preventing the unauthorized use of your card. During a purchase from a desktop, mobile or other digital device, you may be guided through an extra check to verify your identity. This helps us to ensure you’re better protected from fraud. 

Learn more about how it works at www.visa.com.au/pay-with-visa/shopping-online.

Virgin Money Credit Cards - Visa benefits: Visa checkout

Visa Click to Pay

Online buying is evolving. Now when you see the Click to Pay icon at any site that accepts Visa, you can enjoy an easy, smart and secure checkout experience.

Find out more here.

Virgin Money Credit Cards - Visa benefits: Zero liability

Zero liability

Rest assured that when you shop with your card you’re protected against unauthorised use. 

With Visa's Zero Liability12 policy, you won’t be held responsible for fraudulent charges or unauthorised purchases made with your card or account information*. This means you can use your card to shop with total confidence, as you will always be protected against unauthorised use.

* Visa's Zero Liability policy covers Australian and New Zealand-issued cards and does not apply to ATM transactions, transactions not processed by Visa or certain commercial card transactions. Virgin Money cardholders should notify us of any unauthorised use as soon as possible. Please contact us on 13 37 39 for additional details.

Virgin Money Credit Cards - Visa benefits: Visa payWave

Tap to Pay (Contactless)

Tap to pay provides consumers with a seamless, fast and secure experience at the point of sale. 

Visa payWave FAQ's

  • Q. What is payWave?

    A. Visa payWave is a globally accepted contactless payment technology. For purchases of up to $100, customers with a Visa payWave card don't have to enter a PIN or sign a receipt to authorize a transaction. Cardholders simply hold their card against a contactless reader to wave and go, making payments easy and convenient.

  • Q. How does payWave work?

    A. Just hold your card featuring the Visa payWave logo against the Visa payWave reader at participating retailers, wait for the approval, and you’re good to go. Visa payWave is accepted at Australia's leading retailers and selected supermarkets including McDonald's, 7-11, JB Hi-Fi, Bunnings and Caltex. Shopping for everyday items has never been easier. Read more FAQs on Visa Paywave.

  • Q. Is payWave safe?

    A. Your new card is embedded with the latest EMV microchip technology for improved data and transaction security against fraud. Also, it’s not possible for your card to be accidentally charged – an authentic transaction needs to be initiated in a retail store. With one of the safest payment options around, now you’re better protected! Visa’s Zero Liability policy12 covers you for unauthorised transactions, giving you extra peace of mind.

  • Q. How do I know if I have Visa payWave technology?

    A. You can tell that your Virgin Money Credit Card has payWave if "Visa payWave" and the symbol appear in the bottom right hand corner of your card. New Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer and Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer cards issued post 2 October 2012 and new Virgin Money Low Rate and Virgin Money No Annual Fee Cards issued post 1 July 2013 have Visa payWave technology.

  • Card Security

    • Q. How safe is my Card - do you offer complimentary Card security?

      A. Very, and yes we do. Our Cards use Secure Chip technology which uses a microchip embedded in your Card to store your Card's data, keeping you safer against card fraud than your average magnetic stripe.

      Our Security Guarantee ensures cover under a range of different circumstances, allowing you complete peace of mind at home and overseas, online and off.


      If we detect any irregular transactions on your Account, we'll contact you even if you're overseas (if we have your contact details). All you need to do is call our Customer Care Team on 13 37 39, and let us know your contact details before you travel.

      Emergency Card Replacement

      If your Card is lost or stolen, in most cases we can cancel and replace your Card within 48 hours in almost any location, for free. If you're overseas, you can report the loss to any bank or financial institution with the VISA sign.

      Visa's Zero Liability Policy guarantee12

      You are also covered by Visa's Zero Liability Policy guarantee, ensuring you won't be held responsible for fraudulent transactions made with your Card.

    • Q. What is Verified by Visa?

      A. Verified by Visa is a safer way to make online purchases with your Virgin Money Credit Card. It provides you, the cardholder, with an SMS Code to enter at checkout to authenticate the purchase and to ensure that only you may complete the transaction.

      How does Verified by Visa work?

      When you’re shopping online at participating retailers (merchants that have signed up to Verified by Visa) we may request you to enter an SMS Code before finalising your purchase. This SMS Code will be sent to your mobile phone and will provide us with confirmation that you are the person making the purchase on your card.

      How can I be prepared for Verified by Visa?

      To continue shopping securely and without any inconvenience, make sure that we have your up-to-date contact details. We need your correct mobile number so that you can receive your SMS Code when making an online purchase.

      • To update your mobile number, call us on 13 37 39, or +61 2 8288 2222 if you’re overseas.
      • To check your contact details, log on to your Virgin Money Online account at my.virginmoney.com.au, go to the ‘Services’ menu, click ‘My Profile’, and select ‘My Contact Details’

      Please note that if you have any additional cardholders they will need to call to update their mobile number.

      For more information please see further Frequently Asked Questions.

    • Q. What is Visa Checkout?

      A. Enrol your Virgin Money Credit Card online today, to enjoy a simplified payment process when shopping online. Once enrolled, there’s no need to re-enter your card or shipping details each time you shop, where Visa Checkout is accepted. Learn more about Visa Checkout.