How to redeem

Now it’s the best bit - redeem your points for the rewards you want. Head to the Virgin Money app > Rewards > Redeem to start cashing in your points.


Convert your points (min. 500 points) to money in the bank3. Plus, with a set-and-forget option, you could redeem your points for cash automatically every month3.

Flights and hotels

Let your points do the travelling. Redeem your points with participating hotels6 or transfer them to our travel loyalty program partners7, such as Velocity Frequent Flyer8

Pay with points

Buyer’s remorse is no longer a thing. Pay with points can be used on select purchases4 - the value of the purchase will be credited straight back into your account. 

Gift yourself

Something for them? Or just something for you? Flip your points for gift cards5 with brands like Amazon, Bunnings or JB Hi-Fi. It’s the gift card that keeps giving. 

How to reward yourself with a gift card

  1. Log into the Virgin Money app
  2. Tap “Rewards”
  3. Tap “Redeem”
  4. Select “Redeem points for gift cards” and start browsing 
Bunnings Warehouse
JB Hi-Fi

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For Anytime Rewards, Low Rate or No Annual Fee Credit Cards you can call us on 13 37 39.

For Go, Boost Saver or Grow Saver accounts you can call us on 13 81 51.

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Profile > Help & Support > App support > Chat to us If we are not available right away or it’s after hours, we’ll respond as soon as we’re back on deck.
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  • How do I redeem points?

    We know that everyone likes to do things their way, so we’ve got lots of different ways for you to redeem your points:

    • Points for Gift cards – use your points to purchase digital cards from your favourite brands.
    • Points for Cash – Trade your points for money in your pocket.
    • Pay with Points- Use your points to pay for things you’ve recently purchased.
    • Transfer points to your travel program – Use your points to take you on your next great trip.
    • Share your points - Transfer points to a friend. Aren’t you lovely?
    • Book Travel – Treat yourself to your next getaway and book hotels instantly.

    Note: Redeeming Points is subject to the Virgin Money Rewards Terms and Conditions.

  • How do I redeem my points for cash?

    Turn your cash into points, then your points into cash – now that’s fun! Redeeming your Virgin Money Points for cash is easy.

    1. Log into the Virgin Money app
    2. Click on 'Rewards'
    3. Select 'Redeem'
    4. Click on 'Redeem points for cash'
    5. Link the Virgin Money account that you would like to receive the cash credit
    6. Select the number of points to be redeemed (a minimum of 500 is required and can be made in increments of 500 after that)
    7. Select Redeem and that’s it. Simple.

    We won’t keep you waiting. Cash will be credited within minutes to your eligible chosen Virgin Money account.     

    Like to set and forget? Turn on the auto-redeem feature while you kick back and instantly have your points redeemed for cash in your preferred account each month. Just toggle the auto-redeem switch at the bottom of the ‘Redeem points for cash’ and we will automatically convert your points into cash each month (a minimum of 500 is required and can be made in increments of 500 after that).

  • Can I pay for everyday purchases with points?

    Absolutely! Use the Pay with Points option to redeem your points and pay off any eligible transaction19  made within the last 90 days. Yep  , you can use points to pay for that cheeky purchase like it never happened.

    To use Pay with Points:

    • Head to your Go Account or eligible credit card’s transaction history and toggle on ‘Pay with Points’ so that you’re able to view which of your past transactions are eligible.
    • Select a transaction and click ‘confirm’ to complete the redemption. 

    You can also directly access this feature through the ‘Transaction details’ screen:

    • Tap into your preferred transaction and select the ‘Pay with points’ option, then click ‘confirm’ to complete the redemption.

    Once you’ve confirmed your redemption, you’ll receive a cash credit into your account (within 3 business days) identified as a ‘Paid with points’. Boom. It’s gone.


    Note: for credit card customers, only the primary cardholder is able to use the Pay with Points feature.

  • How long will it take to receive my cash credit for Pay with Points?

    If you use Pay with Points on your Go account, your cash credit will be credited within minutes into your chosen eligible Virgin Money account.

    For credit card users this takes a little longer. You’ll usually see your cash credit the next day, but it can sometimes take up to 3 business days.

  • Do my Virgin Money Points expire?

    There’s no 'use-by' date on these points if you have an active eligible Virgin Money Go Account with us and have earned or redeemed a point within the last 2 years. That said, if you close all your accounts the Points you earned will expire within 3 months of closing and you will only be able to redeem any remaining Points as an eVoucher (giftcard). 

    Convert your hard-earned Rewards points to any one of our Travel Program partners such as Velocity. 

    You can redeem your Virgin Money Rewards points for points with our Travel Program partners; including Velocity Frequent Flyer, Marriott Bonvoy and United MileagePlus. 

    To redeem your points simply click on ‘Redeem’ in the Rewards Hub and select ‘Transfer points to your travel program’.  

    Please note: The Travel Program you are transferring to must be held under the same name as your Virgin Money product. Once transferred the points are usually available within 24 hours, but can take up to 5 business days. 

  • How can I review the points activity on my account?

    Your points are always at your fingertips. Simply head to the Rewards Hub in the app, then select your Points balance to access My Points Activity. Here you can view all of the Virgin Money Points that you’ve earned and redeemed. To review the details or the status of any transaction, just tap on the transaction.


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