A high interest savings account bundled with a seriously rewarding everyday transaction account. Smash your savings goals, your way.

Up to
1.20% p.a.
Get up to 1.2% p.a. on all your Virgin Money Boost Savers, up to a combined total balance of $250,000 when you meet the Monthly Criteria each month2.
Save smarter
Set up to 9 personalised savings goals, get clever insights and real-time alerts to help you build good money habits.
Save together
Join your savings and benefits together with a Joint Account10.
Save securely
Feel safe knowing your deposits are guaranteed up to $250,000 per customer by the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme22.

How the Boost Saver compares to the big 4

Rates as of .

These rates above are gathered using the Consumer Data Right product service provided by each of the banks. It is based on an average active Virgin Money customer having $40,000 in their account and meeting any eligibility bonus requirements. The rates above are based on NAB Reward saverCommBank Goal SaverWestpac LifeANZ Progress Saver

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Get 8 points on every purchase with your bundled Virgin Money Go Account

Your Virgin Money Boost Saver comes perfectly paired with an everyday Virgin Money Go Account. Get 8 Virgin Money Points1 on every purchase, direct debit and BPAY payment when you meet the Monthly Criteria (outline below) each month.

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Keep the good times rolling

To activate 8 points per purchase, direct debit and BPAY payment on your Virgin Money Go Account, plus bonus interest on your Virgin Money Boost Saver, you need to meet the Monthly Criteria in the previous month. Here’s what you need to do each month:

Age group Monthly Criteria
14 – 17 years There are no criteria required to activate the benefits. You’re already good to go.
18 – 24 years
Deposit $1,000 or more from another financial institution (such as your salary) into your Virgin Money Go Account and make at least 5 purchases, direct debits or BPAY payments which settle in that month (not pending). Ready? Go.
Over 25 years
Deposit $2,000 or more from another financial institution (such as your salary) into your Virgin Money Go Account and make at least 5 purchases, direct debits or BPAY payments which settle in that month (not pending). Let’s go!

The Monthly Criteria vary by age and includes a minimum deposit and minimum number of transactions each month that must be made into a Virgin Money Go Account that is issued in the same name. Simply meet the following criteria each month to activate your bonus interest benefit for the following month.

Rate type Interest Rate (p.a.)
Base Interest Rate 0.10%
Bonus Interest Rate 1.10%
Highest Variable Interest Rate (Base plus Bonus Interest Rates) 1.20%

Important Information on Bonus Interest for Boost Savers:

  • The highest variable interest rate (Base Interest Rate plus Bonus Interest Rate) can be activated on all your Boost Savers in the same name as your Go Account when you cumulatively meet the Monthly Criteria in the Monthly Criteria dropdown. For clarity, if you hold an account(s) in your name as an individual, and an account(s) in two names (joint account), you will be required to meet the Monthly Criteria on each account type (individual and joint) to activate the benefits for both.
  • The Bonus Interest rate applies up to a combined total balance of $250,000 across all Boost Savers in the same name.

For more information on our limits, fees and charges please click here.

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Start banking like never before

Rewards like never before

Drum roll…Introducing Virgin Money Rewards

It’s new and it’s all you. Virgin Money Rewards3 is all about rewarding you, your way. Available on our transaction and savings accounts, it bundles Virgin Money Points, epic perks and great experiences.

Whether you’re spending big, saving hard, or simply building better money habits, we’re all for recognising and rewarding you every day, not just someday.

Rewards your way

Be rewarded when you spend – and when you don't!3

Rewards every day not just someday

We love the little things, just as much as the big things. So don't be surprised if we reward you with points, perks or great experiences for things like your birthday, reaching a milestone, or just to say thanks3.

Boost your rewards

Earn bonus points with loads of red hot partner offers12 and in app hotel bookings at great prices21.

Use your points your way

Transfer them for cash14 back into your account, use them to erase purchases15 you’ve already made, even redeem them for a gift card from your favourite brand16 – it’s up to you. Now that’s rewarding.

Get money fit

Getting money fit shouldn’t make you sweat. We’ll be your virtual cheer squad, helping you build better money habits and have some fun along the way (no push-ups required).

Easily track and categorise your spending

Set yourself spend budgets

Know when your bills are coming up

Save like a pro with Round Ups6

Get clever insights and real-time alerts to help build good money habits faster

Set up to 9 personal savings goals

Amazingly simple banking

Designed for mobile, made for you.

Our intuitive app puts your money in your hands.

Set up your digital wallet, link Apple Pay7, Google Pay8 & Samsung Pay9 and start spending straight away

Pay your mates and transfer money instantly with Pay ID and Osko

Log in securely with fingerprint or face ID – just tap or smile

We’re always close by with in-app customer service chat


Still have some questions? Let’s see if we can answer them for you now.

  • Q. Do I have to download the app in order to apply for my account?

    In short: yes and no. You can apply for an account through either the Virgin Money mobile app or our website. But you’ll need to download the app to manage your account.

    We’ve designed the Virgin Money mobile app so you can bank like never before. It’s amazingly simple banking, so you can manage your money simply and securely, wherever and whenever you are. Give it a try! (And if you don’t love it, tell us why and we’ll do everything we can to make it better for you).

  • Q. Can I get a Virgin Money Boost Saver without a Virgin Money Go Account?

    Sorry, no. You can’t get a Boost Saver without a Go Account. But can you get rewards on your everyday purchases with our Go Account and a high interest savings accounts to help you manage your money your way. There aren’t many banks that reward you for everyday purchases in your bank account, but we do! And with no monthly fees.

    If you don’t need an everyday bank account, but still want the perks of a dedicated savings account, check out our Virgin Money Grow Saver, which is our next highest interest savings account. Check it out here. Check it out here

  • Q. When will my bonus interest get applied on my Virgin Money Boost Saver?

    Your bonus interest will be activated on the first day of each month when the Monthly Criteria has been met in the previous month. Keep in mind, if you are making your 5 purchases to activate your bonus interest (and 8 points per purchase on your Go Account), your purchases will need to settle (that means not ‘pending’) in your account that month. If it’s still pending at the end of the month, you won’t get your points or your bonus interest.