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Low fee super fund1

You could make a big difference to your future balance, just by  choosing one of the lowest fees1 in the market.

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Strong Performance

A strong performing super fund3, helping you build that solid retirement you deserve.

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Insurance options

We help protect your world with our automatic insurance and additional cover options.

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Choice of investment

When it comes to investing your super, we believe in choice. Check out our options and choose what’s right for you.

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Your super in one place

Maximise your future by bringing all your super funds11 into the one account. Less fees, more savings, win-win.

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Simple Super Advice

Get personalised Simple Super Advice over the phone from a qualified financial adviser at no additional cost.

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We have a range of tools that you can use to discover more about your super and retirement. See below how you can get a personalised  view of your super with our calculators.

Retirement Income Calculator

Assess your estimated financial position in retirement and what you may need to do to reach your desired retirement balance.

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Compare Superfund Fees

Compare the fees that other super providers charge. Low fees mean more money in your super.

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Salary Sacrifice Calculator

Explore the benefits of salary sacrificing additional contributions to your super versus contributing from your after tax income.

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Rewarding Superannuation Fund

At Virgin Money, we don’t just hold your superannuation; we make it super. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our awards. Virgin Money Super’s rewarding fund is backed by great ratings from independently run agencies SuperRatings2, SelectingSuper and ChantWest13. That’s how you know your super will be in super great hands. 

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  • When can I withdraw my super?

    You can withdraw your super once you reach the age requirement to do so. You may also be able to access your superannuation early if you meet the following criteria:

    • You are experiencing severe financial hardship.
    • On compassionate grounds, such as to pay for medical treatment for you or your dependent.
    • You have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
    • You are temporarily unable to work because of a physical or mental condition.
    • If you are permanently incapacitated. 
  • How much super should I have?

    The amount of super you accumulate in your super fund will mostly depend on your income and the contributions you make to your super. The return on your selected investments in your super will also influence the amount of super you have.

    The amount of super you should have for retirement will depend on the lifestyle you would like to have in retirement.  What you think you want in retirement today could change over time. It is important to think now about what type of retirement you may like and how much money you will need to help you enjoy it.

    Find out more about how to build your super, or utilise our Retirement Income Calculator.

  • Do casual employees get super?

    Yes. Generally, all employees are eligible for super guarantee, which means that your employer will pay 11% of your ordinary time earnings into your superfund. This includes full time, part time and casual employees.