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We’re here to help you buy your first home. Find the best first home buyer loan, get answers to all your questions and buy with confidence.

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I'm building a new home

Planning on building a new house and looking for a construction loan? We've got the answers to help you take the next step.

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I want to refinance my home loan

Make sure your home loan is working for you. Explore your refinance home loan options, learn why it’s a good idea, when to do it and save.

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I'm moving home

Moving house? Find out about moving your home loan to your new house whether you’re moving up, moving down or just moving on.

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I'm an investor

Let us show you how to invest in property and maximise your return. Find the investment property loan that’s right for you.

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It's time for my home renovation

Planning a home renovation? We’ll help you through it, from how to get a home renovation loan to how to avoid overcapitalisation.

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Turn your dream home into your dream holiday

With a Reward Me Home Loan you’ll receive ongoing Points for the life of your loan. Time to start packing.

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Home Loan Rate Finder

Find the rate that's right for you and what your repayments could be with a Reward Me Home Loan. Rates displayed are for new borrowings only.

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    What you need to know
    How do you earn Velocity Points?


    10,000 Points for every $100,000 drawn on settlement.2

    1,000 Points per month

    A further 1,000 Velocity Points every month (per loan account).5

    30,000 Points every 3rd year

    Receive 30,000 Velocity Points every 3 years3 you are a continuous Reward Me Home Loan customer, when your loan balance remains above $50,000.

    How many Velocity Frequent Flyer Points could you earn?

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      • Split loan means you split your borrowings into more than one loan. The calculator assumes a maximum of 2 loans.
    Take out other Virgin Money products to boost your Velocity Points (optional)
    1. On retail purchases14, earn 0.66 Velocity Points per $1 spent, up to $1,500 per statement period, then 0.5 Velocity Points per $1 spent. Minimum income of $35,000 & minimum card credit limit of $6,000 required for this product. Credit assessment criteria apply.
      On retail purchases14, earn 1 Velocity Point per $1 spent, up to $8,000 each statement period, then 0.5 Velocity Points per $1 spent. Minimum income of $75,000 & minimum card credit limit of $15,000 required for this product. Credit assessment criteria apply.
    Velocity Points earned over the first
      What you need to know

      Assumptions: Calculations correct as at 30 November 2018. You maintain an overall home loan balance of greater than $50,000 (net of any balances held in a linked offset facility) over the specified term and continue to meet our eligibility criteria; Velocity Points calculations for credit card spend are based on retail spend only and do not include additional Points that you could earn if you spend with Virgin Australia; stated monthly credit card spend remains constant over the stated period; you do not cancel any selected insurance products before the applicable minimum policy holding period; our Velocity Points earn rates for the above products do not change over the term.

      Settlement Velocity Frequent Flyer Points are paid in $10,000 increments and Anniversary Velocity Points are allocated within 6 weeks of your 3rd anniversary and every 3 years thereafter. Velocity Points will be credited to the Primary borrowers Velocity Account only, up to 60 days after settlement. For more information on terms and conditions for the Reward Me Home Loan Loyalty Program please click here. The Velocity Calculator does not display any additional bonus Velocity Points you may be eligible for if you take out a Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer credit card and meet any associated offer conditions. We reserve the right to change or remove the Velocity Points rewards from the Virgin Money Reward Me Home Loans at any time in line with our Terms and Conditions.

      Features & benefits

      Competitive interest rates

      We recognise and reward the value of our customers with discounted variable interest rates based on loan size and loan-to-value ratio.

      Offset account

      Our Reward Me Home Loan comes with a Home Loan Companion Account that we'll open for you. Available on our variable and 1 year fixed rate loans.

      Split borrowings

      You can split your borrowings and lock in a portion of your loan with a fixed rate to get repayment certainty over a fixed period.


      If you're ahead of your minimum repayments, you can redraw those funds online at any time (minimum redraw amount $100) with no extra charges.

      No application fees

      There are no application fees on our variable rate loan. For other key fees and charges applying to your loan, refer to our Fees and Charges section below.

      Get the most out of your home loan

      Virgin Money Home Loans - Managing your home loan is easy

      Managing your home loan is easy

      Here's where you'll find everything that you need to set-up, use and manage your home loan.

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      Virgin Money Home Loans - Rewards and benefits

      Rewards and benefits

      Our Reward Me Home Loan is built to reward and thank you for your loyalty.

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