Easily search for and consolidate your super, check your super balance, view contributions, assess your investment performance and make changes to your investment mix all from within your online account.

Virgin Money Super

How to switch to Virgin Money Super


  • Join online today. We’ll normally send your Virgin Money Super customer number within 30 minutes.
  • Follow the simple instructions to set up your online account.  For help jump over to the “Access your online account tab".
  • From your online account, use our consolidation tool to find all your super accounts and transfer them to your new Virgin Money Super account. Our consolidation tool will generally find all your accounts within minutes. Join online today.
  • Complete and provide your employer with a super choice form.
  • Start managing your money the way you want.

To get you settled, try our free specialist helpline advice service. Our personalised superannuation advice can help you make decisions about your super, including the right investment mix and insurance options to consider.

Find out more about our simple super advice service.

Access your online account

Access your online account anywhere, any time

We’ve put your key information on a single screen to enable you to transact online anytime, to ensure your super is working as hard as it should be. Login online from any device to see your balance and make changes to your account, anywhere, anytime.

Important info: We’ve updated the way you login.  From 21 October the way you login will change from using your customer number and PIN to using your email address and a password.  The first time your login you’ll be guided through how to update your details to set up your new login details.

Got a question – check out our frequently asked questions or give us a call on 1300 652 770.

We have also introduced multifactor authentication, which combines your email address and password with an additional security factor – a temporary numeric code sent to you, via email, SMS or call.

Login to your online account below:

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How your online account helps you

Your online account will help you keep on top of your account activity, assist you to make simple decisions about your investments – including tips about what you might want to do next and a retirement planning tools to help you better plan for your future.

Tips for managing your super

Tips for managing your super

  • Finding lost super

    You may have super sitting somewhere you can’t quite put your finger on. Not to worry! You’ll have the ability to find and consolidate your lost super within your online account.

    If you’ve previously provided us with your tax file number simply give us permission to search for your other super accounts and we’ll consolidate them for you.

    To find and reclaim your lost super using our super consolidation tool we’ll need to verify your identity by matching the details held on your super account with two identity documents in accordance to the SuperMatch User guide, so make sure you’ve got these handy before you start:

    • Australian passport
    • Australian driving licence
    • Foreign passport (linked to an Australian Visa)
    • Medicare card
    • Centrelink concessional card
    • Citizenship certificate

    Need to check your details or provide your tax file number? Simply head to the ‘Personal details’ section of your online account.

    Details don’t match? Not to worry, fill out our change of details form to get your details updated.

  • Combine your super to save

    If you’ve got multiple superannuation funds, you could be paying a lot more than you need to. Not only for administration fees, but also for things like insurance. Consolidation of your funds could mean you have more money stowed away for retirement.

    Consolidate your super

  • Change your investment mix anytime

    Virgin Money Super is all about flexibility and choice. You can switch easily between our super investment options as much and as often as you want for free, all from your online account. Join Virgin Money Super today and gain the freedom to control your future. Find out more about the benefits of switching your investment mix.

  • How to manage your insurance

    Keeping track of your insurance is simple. You can do it from your online account, on any device, no matter where you are.

    As your personal insurance needs change, you can opt out of automatic insurance cover at anytime, if you don’t think you need it, or tailor your insurance to ensure you have the right level of cover in place.

    Just login to your online account and head to the 'Insurance' section to update your insurance preferences. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Care team on 1300 652 770.

    Simple super advice

    If you need assistance in working out what type and what level of insurance is right for you get simple super advice from qualified financial advisers via our specialist helpline advice service.

    Our helpline advise team can help you make decisions about which insurance option to choose. Call the team on 1300 652 770.

    Find out more about our superannuation insurance offering.

  • Making contributions

    One of the smartest ways to grow your super over the long term is to make regular contributions. There are many ways to make contributions, here’s a summary of them.

    Employer SG contributions

    This is the compulsory payment made by your employer if you’re a permanent or contract employee. By law, the minimum superannuation guarantee (SG) contribution rate is 11% of your salary or wage payments.

    To tell your employer that you’d like your 11% employer SG contributions paid into your Virgin Money Super account, download the Super Choice form, sign it and pass it to your HR department.

    Your employer usually needs to know the following information (or if you need to complete the ATO standard Choice form):

    • Our Australian Business Number (ABN): 19 905 422 981
    • Our Fund name: Virgin Money Super
    • Our Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI): 19905422981701
    • Our address: Virgin Money Super, GPO Box 4650, Melbourne VIC 3001
    • Our Phone number: 1300 652 770
    • Your Virgin Money Super member number.

    Voluntary contributions

    Making voluntary after tax contributions to your super could have a significant impact on your retirement savings. You can make after tax contributions at any time online via Bpay. Log in to your online account to check your Virgin Money Super BPAY® Customer Reference Number and BPAY® Biller Code under the ‘Contributions’ tab.

    It is important you keep an eye on the contribution caps limits. For assistance on your contributions our helpline advise team can help you make decisions about the right way to make contributions to your super.

    Don’t forget that if you make after- tax contributions and earn less than $58,445 a year (for the 2023/24 year), the Australian government may also contribute to your super (up to certain dollar limits).

    You can find our more on contributions by reading our comprehensive contributions fact sheet.

    Salary sacrifice

    To salary sacrifice, all you need to do is ask your employer if they will pay some of your gross salary into your super fund. Remember your salary sacrifice contributions aren’t treated as taxable income, so income tax is not payable on the amount paid to the super fund. Your super fund however, will pay contributions tax on the contributions you make.

    Spouse contributions

    Most couples can make contributions on behalf of each other. To receive a spouse contribution into your Virgin Money Super account you’ll need to provide your spouse with your Virgin Money Super BPAY® Customer Reference Number (CRN) and our BPAY® Biller Code. Note that your BPAY biller code for spousal contributions is different to your personal code. These details are available in your online super account, or you can contact our Customer Care team on 1300 652 770.

  • Managing your account

    We’ve put your key information on a single screen and you can transact online anytime, on your phone, tablet or desktop, to ensure your super is working as hard as it should be.

    Your new online account will help you keep on top of the activity in an easy to read timeline which outlines what has happened, and when.

    What can you do from your online account?

    • Check your current super account balance and see how your super is tracking;
    • Change your investment mix;
    • Check you super performance;
    • Search for and consolidate your super;
    • Find lost super;
    • Manage your insurance options;
    • Update your contact details.
  • Nominate a beneficiary

    With Virgin Money Super you have three options to nominate a beneficiary.

    Option 1: Binding nomination 
    A binding nomination gives you the power to determine who should receive your death benefit. If your nomination is valid, the Trustee must pay your death benefit in accordance with your nomination.

    If your nomination isn’t valid, your death benefit will be paid to one or more of your dependants and/or your estate, at the Trustee’s discretion.

    In order to be valid and binding:

    • Your nomination must be signed by you in front of 2 witnesses aged over 18 who aren’t beneficiaries, and delivered to us.
    • You can only nominate your dependants to receive your super benefit.
    • You’ll need to send us your completed and signed Binding Death Benefit Nomination form.

    A valid nomination is effective for 3 years after the day it was signed, or last confirmed or amended by you, we will send you a reminder when your binding beneficiary is expiring so you can keep it current at all times.

    Option 2: Preferred (non-binding) nomination 
    By selecting this option, the Trustee will consider your preferred nomination, however the Trustee has the discretion to pay your death benefit (in proportions it determines) to any one or more of the dependants of your estate. You can update your preferred beneficiary nominations from your online account under the ‘Beneficiaries’ tab.

    Option 3: No nomination 
    If you don’t make a nomination or you make an invalid binding nomination, your benefit will be paid to one or more of your dependants and/or your estate. This is at the Trustee’s discretion.

    For more information on the nomination of beneficiaries, see the beneficiaries fact sheet.

  • Australian Tax Office (ATO) Consolidation

    As of 1 July 2019, all super funds are required to move member accounts to the ATO for consolidation if they are inactive for a continuous period of 16 months, and have a balance of less than $6,000 and do not hold current insurance cover through your super.

    Your super account will be deemed inactive, if within the last 16 months, all of the below statements are true:

    • There have been no contributions and/or rollovers received, 
    • you have not changed Investment options,
    • you have not changed your binding beneficiaries, 
    • you have not made a change to your insurance cover, 
    • you do not owe an amount of money*, and;
    • you have not opted out of having your super account transferred to the ATO.

    * In limited circumstances your account may owe money to the trustee, for example, through a family law split.

    The process of determining accounts for ATO consolidation occurs on 30 June and 31 December each year.

    You can opt out of having your super account transferred to the ATO by calling the Customer Care Team.


Insurance Premium Reduction and Investment Option Notice

Notice date: 12 November 2019

  • Nature of event or change

    1. Reduction to your insurance premiums – effective 1 December 2019

    We regularly complete a comprehensive review of the insurance arrangements offered through Virgin Money Super. Following the review of the insurance policies and premiums, OnePath Life Limited ABN 33 009 657 176 AFSL 238341 (OnePath) has been re-appointed as the insurer for Death, Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) and Income Protection (IP) cover for another three years. Effective from 1 December 2019:

    • Premiums for Death, TPD and IP cover will be decreasing. The premium rates are decreasing by about 21% for Death Only cover, 22% for Death & TPD cover and 20% for IP cover. The cost of insurance cover (if any) will continue to be deducted from your account balance at the end of each month.
    • As a Virgin Money Super customer, if you hold insurance in your super account, there is no change to the way your insurance cover is calculated, and how the cost is paid.

    Both the new and current insurance premiums can be found in Schedule A.

    2. Changes to Lifestage Tracker investment option and Choice investment options - effective 1 January 2020

    Virgin Money Super offers a range of investments, which have different investment styles or asset classes, including a LifeStage Tracker investment option and a range of Choice investment options.

    The LifeStage Tracker investment option is an age path option based on the year of your birth. Each LifeStage Tracker age path aims to outperform the Consumer Price Index (CPI) by a certain percentage each year, for a certain time period.

    Looking ahead, we believe economic growth will continue to be slow with investment returns generally expected to be lower than in recent years, particularly with respect to defensive investments such as fixed interest investments, which are sensitive to the low interest rate environment.

    For this reason, to enhance the probability of the investment options meeting their investment objectives, effective from 1 January 2020 we will be:

    • Increasing the growth allocation by 5% for all LifeStage Tracker age paths; 
    • Amending the investment objectives for a number of the LifeStage Tracker age paths; and
    • Increasing the growth allocation by 5% for the Enhanced Index Growth and Enhanced Index Conservative Growth investment options.

    You find details of changes to your asset allocation under the ‘Asset Allocation Table’ in Schedule B.

    Full details of both of these changes are included in the Notice.

If you are a customer with Virgin Money Super and have questions regarding how these changes might affect your super please call the Customer Care Team on 1300 652 770.