Upload documents online

You can submit forms and requests quickly and securely using Virgin Money Online Document Upload.


Why use Virgin Money Online Document Upload?

  • Faster delivery of documents to us
  • Documents are received securely online
  • Submit your documents at a time that’s convenient for you

What documents are accepted via Document Upload?

The following request types and documents are currently accepted.

Note: If you have a request type that is not shown in the table, the appropriate method to return is provided directly on the form.

Request type Documents accepted
  • Upload pending documents to complete your application here
  • All relevant supporting documents
Transaction dispute
Transaction or Payment trace
  • Signed written request with trace request details
  • All relevant supporting documents
Authorised Person request
  • Any document requested by the Collections team
Hardship assistance
Direct Debit request


Unless you are completing your credit card application, do not upload personal identification documents such as a passport or driver's licence.

Your privacy is important to us. In order to maintain your privacy, please ensure that you only provide us with information and/or documentation that is necessary for us to process your request.

How to submit your documents

For request type other than credit card application.

  • Print and complete the required form. 
  • Ensure all information on the form is completed and you have any supporting and relevant documents ready to submit.
  • Scan or take a picture of the completed document, including any supporting documents.
  • You can choose to take a picture with your phone if you do not have a scanner available.
  • Please ensure the document image is clear.
  • Some forms can be also completed online and saved as PDF.
  • Sign on to your Virgin Money Online Account.
  • Go to Services > Card Services > Document Upload.

Refer to the table above for documents accepted via Document Upload.

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