Product features:

  • Quick and easy joining process
  • QuickSuper – free SuperStream compliant payment system
  • Beautifully simple super for you and your employees
  • Access to support and information

3 simple steps to join

Virgin Money Superannuation - Employers: Complete the online application form

Complete the online application form

Virgin Money Superannuation - Employers: Set up QuickSuper

Set up QuickSuper (Virgin Money Super Clearing House) online in 5 minutes

Virgin Money Superannuation - Employers: Start making contributions for your employees through QuickSuper

Start making contributions for your employees through QuickSuper

Things to think about when choosing a default super fund for your employees

  • Easy administration
  • Range of investment options
  • Range of insurance options
  • Access to support and information

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SuperStream payment solution

QuickSuper is our free online clearing house payment system, where default employers can make one payment for all their staff – regardless of the super fund they belong to. Quick to set up and easy to use.

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Setting up your employees
is straightforward

Super for employees is easy for you to manage. With QuickSuper (our clearing house) you can simply upload your employees’ details and start making their contributions. When you make their first contribution, the employee’s information will be sent to Virgin Money Super via SuperStream. Your employee will then be safe in our hands.

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Contributing to employees’ super is easy

All your employee contributions can be made through QuickSuper or your preferred system so long as it’s SuperStream compliant. Just follow these steps:


  1. Calculate your employee's Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) per calendar month.
  2. Work out 11% of your employee's salary or OTE.
  3. Make the payments through QuickSuper (or an alternative SuperStream compliant system) at least once each quarter.
  4. The super you contribute is paid using SuperStream into your employees’ account in Virgin Money Super.

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Information for your employees

Picking a default super fund for your employees is one thing. It’s just as important to have the support and information you need to help them understand where their money gets invested. When you join Virgin Money Super, we’ll help you help your employees. Our information kit explains all they need to know about Virgin Money Super, including our fees, insurance and investment options.

Virgin Money Superannuation - Super fees

Virgin Money Super fees

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Virgin Money Superannuation - Investment options

Our investment options

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Virgin Money Superannuation - Our Super performance

Our super performance

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Virgin Money Superannuation - Insurance options

Our insurance options

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Rewarding Superannuation Fund

At Virgin Money, we don’t just hold your superannuation; we make it super. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our awards. Virgin Money Super’s rewarding fund is backed by great ratings from independently run agencies SuperRatings2, SelectingSuper and ChantWest13. That’s how you know your super will be in super great hands. 

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