Please accept our sincerest condolences if you've recently lost someone you love. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things many of us must face. For your peace of mind, a dedicated claims case manager will do everything they can to help.

Policies purchased through Lifebroker after 16 June 2021

How to make a claim

Policies purchased through Lifebroker after 16 June 2021
For new and existing claims 13 54 33

If you purchased a policy through Virgin Money’s partner, Lifebroker please visit the Lifebroker website.

Policies purchased before 1 April 2021

How to make a claim

Virgin Money policies purchased before 1 April 2021
For new and existing claims 1300 814 990
Mon to Fri 9am to 5.30pm (AEST)
To send us an email
To fax us documents 1800 731 122
To post us documents Virgin Life Insurance Claims 
GPO Box 5380  
Sydney NSW 2001

Things you'll need to support a claim

  • A certified copy of the Death Certificate, Medical Attendant’s Certificate or another document showing evidence of death
  • A certified copy of the Life Insured’s birth certificate, passport or another official document showing their date of birth
  • A certified copy of proof of your identity and your relationship to the Life Insured

You'll need to email or post the certified copies of these documents so that your claim can proceed.

About the claims process

Your claim will be taken care of by your own personal claims case manager from our insurer, TAL Life Limited.

Be confident that there are no hidden fees in a payout - the money goes where it's needed as quickly as possible.
An advance payment of $10,000 is payable once a death claim has been accepted, and is intended to help you finalise the estate.

Please note that if there is another person insured on the policy, TAL will make the necessary amendments and will send out a new set of policy documents ASAP to the remaining Policy Owner.

Bereavement Support

We're here for you, for whatever you need. If you need help finding out who to contact when someone dies or how to make arrangements call our friendly Customer Care Team on 1300 849 965 or read more about Bereavement Support.
Adjusting after someone dies and organising a funeral is never easy, but support is out there if you need it.

  • For financial support: If you're in financial difficulties, CentreLink may be able to help you with a bereavement payment, bereavement allowance or a widow's allowance. For more information, call CentreLink on 13 28 50.
  • For emotional support: Lifeline runs a 24/7 anonymous telephone counselling service. You can visit or call 13 11 14.
  • For funeral arrangements: The Australian Funeral Directors Association can point you in the direction of people in your area. Visit them at, email or call +61 3 9859 9966.

Need additional support?

Transport to Medical Appointments from rural or regional locations

As part of the assessment of an application or a claim, it is sometimes necessary to request our customers be examined by an independent medical specialist or, for a claim, to attend rehabilitation related services.

In all cases, we will try to organise appointments to take place close to your home, to ensure as little inconvenience as possible for you. However, for our customers living in rural or regional communities, if a suitable provider is not located in your local area, Virgin Life Insurance will pay reasonable costs for your transport costs to attend the medical appointment.

If flights and accommodation are required for you to attend medical assessments, we will organise this for you. If there is a medical reason you cannot travel alone, we will also consider paying any travel costs for someone to accompany you. Prior approval is required from Virgin Life Insurance prior to the appointment.

For our disabled customers, please speak to your Customer Service Representative or Claims Case Manager to ensure that there is suitable access for you at the medical appointment.

In all cases, please speak to your Virgin Life Insurance Customer Service Representative or Claims Case Manager prior to incurring any expenses to confirm what payments can be reimbursed. They are committed to helping you find a suitable solution.

Assistance for customers having difficulty meeting timelines or identification requirements

We recognise that some of our customers may find it difficult to attend medical appointments or to obtain the necessary documentation in the timeframes we request to keep your application or claim open.

When this is a challenge, we will work with you to agree on reasonable timeframes and assist you in booking medical appointments or obtaining the required documentation to support your application or claim.

Where we are requesting information, we will contact you at intervals to keep you updated about the process.  It is also important for you to keep your Virgin Life Insurance Customer Service Representative or Claims Case Manager updated on your efforts or we may inadvertently close your application or claim.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please speak to your Virgin Life Insurance Customer Service Representative or Claims Case Manager who will be able to help you.