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6 summer activities that won’t break the bank

Creative ways to get the most out of summer without hurting your hip pocket.

Are summer brunches with friends already taking a toll on your wallet? Many of us go over budget around this time of year, which is why we’ve compiled our favourite low cost activities that are guaranteed to make the season memorable.

1. Head to a market

Dawdling around a farmer’s market on a warm summer’s day and trying free samples is a great way to unwind, plus you might even find some good deals on fruit and veg that you can take out of your grocery budget. Flea markets are also super fun to wander, and if you need a new pair of boots or a birthday gift you might score a secondhand bargain. But if you feel like you’ll be tempted to buy too much, only bring the amount of cash you’re willing to part with and don’t touch your debit or credit cards.

2. Hold a virtual garage sale

Forget lugging out all your old treasures onto the lawn only to have them rained on an hour later. Hosting your boot sale online will help beef up your summer budgets and reduce clutter in your home, rain hail or shine. You should first choose your selling platform (such as Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree), snap some good quality photos, decide your prices and upload with detailed descriptions and relevant tags. Then sit back and enjoy the dopamine hit every time you lock in another sale!

3. Make tipsy popsicles

Ditching the $20 cocktails at the bar to play mixologist at home is always fun, but take it up a notch this summer with alcoholic popsicles. Convert your favourite bevvies, such as mojitos, espresso martinis, mimosas and even beer into refreshing frozen desserts and add frozen raspberries or mint leaves into them for extra flavour. Plus, if you’ve got Velocity Points saved up, using them at Virgin Wines means you won’t spend a dollar on any wine or bubbly you use. 

P.S. Don’t add too much alcohol to your popsicles or they won’t freeze properly and you’ll end up with slushies.  

4. Go geocaching

Looking for a new way to experience your local nature trails? Try geocaching – a global treasure hunt where you use clues and GPS coordinates on the Geocache app to find boxes (usually small plastic, wooden or metal containers) that have been hidden by other users. These are usually tucked away on bushwalks, in parks and around urban areas and are a great way to explore new places. Remember to bring an inexpensive trinket (such as a keychain or seashell) to put in the box and a pen so you can write in the logbook. 

5. Get a workout buddy

Committing to your fitness goals is easier when you’ve got someone to help motivate you. And you don’t need a pricey gym membership to get your sweat on. Take turns each week to think up a free fitness activity. These could include clearing a space at home to follow a workout program or yoga tutorial on YouTube, jogging at a local park, swimming at the beach, pool or lake, hiking, bike riding or walking the dogs. Changing it up will keep things fun – and you’ll be keeping your heart happy while also filling up your social battery. 

6. Check out a free museum or gallery

If you’re a bit of a culture buff, then you can’t go past a day out at a museum or art gallery. Exhibits are changing all the time so it’s always worth finding out what’s on each month, especially if they have a small or no entrance fee. To keep up to date, subscribe to the email lists of local exhibition spaces in your city to make sure the next Mona Lisa doesn’t pass you by!

Keeping an eye on your finances doesn’t mean you have to spend the summer on the couch. Getting creative on your days off means you’ll still be able to have a good time!

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