Additional Repayments Calculator

Making additional payments or increasing your repayments to your home loan is a great way to pay your loan off sooner. 

Use this additional repayments calculator to find out how much time and interest you could save by paying more than the minimum repayment.

Simply plug in your home loan amount, loan period, interest rate, how much extra you are likely to pay in each repayment to understand how making increased and extra repayments could help you pay off your home loan sooner.


Calculations are estimates provided as a guide only based on information you provided. They assume interest rates do not change throughout the loan. This calculator is not intended to be your sole source of information when making a financial decision. You may wish to consider getting advice from a licensed finance professional.

The calculator assumes that the extra contribution you make per payment is the same throughout the life of the loan. Certain loans such as fixed rate loans may only allow limited additional repayments.

The amount you could save and the time in which you could pay off your loan by making weekly or fortnightly repayments are estimates compared to repayments made monthly and assume you make the specified weekly or fortnightly repayments (which are specified as either half or one quarter of the monthly amount payable) until the loan is repaid.

Calculations are not a loan approval. Applications are subject to credit approval, satisfactory security and minimum deposit requirements. Conditions apply to all loan options. Full terms and conditions will be set out in our loan offer, if an offer is made.

FAQs about the Additional Repayments Calculator

  • Q. What does the Additional Repayments Calculator show?

    A. The Additional Repayments Calculator estimates the interest and time that could be saved over the life of a home loan, assuming an additional contribution is added to each home loan repayment.

  • Q. Who should use the Additional Repayments Calculator?

    A. The Additional Repayments Calculator may be useful for those who want to see the benefits of making regular, additional contributions to a home loan. This could be those about to take out a new home loan, or those looking to refinance.

    If you want to see the impact of one-off home loan payments, review the Lump Sum Calculator.

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