How does it work?

It’s super simple. All Go Account customers can refer-a-friend in just a few steps. And when your mate takes out a new Go Account with your unique referral code and makes a purchase, that is settled (not pending), direct debit or BPAY payment within the first 30 days, you’ll both get 5,000 bonus Virgin Money Points!13 Nice one.

1. Get your unique referral code from the Rewards Hub

Head to the Rewards Hub in the app and click on the Refer-a-Friend offer. Your unique referral code will be generated for you to share.

2. Share the love

Click on the share button and your referral code is ready for you to send to your mate (or mates).

3. Your friend opens a new Virgin Money Go Account

Your friend receives the message with your code and heads to our landing page with all the details to apply for a new Virgin Money Go Account.

4. A purchase is made and 5,000 bonus points are in the bank

Your mate has their new Go Account in hand and has just bought you a coffee, the purchase is settled in their account - boom! 5,000 bonus points13 are on the way to both of you.

Discover how easy it is to build your points balance with the Virgin Money Go Account.

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