Banking your way just got a whole lot more rewarding

Whether you’re spending big, saving hard, or simply building better money habits, we’re all for recognising and rewarding you every day, not just someday.

It’s easy to earn Virgin Money Points on your everyday Virgin Money Go Account and with our partners. It’s even easier to use them for something epic. Read on for some points planning inspo. 

How to earn Virgin Money Points

8 points on every purchase1

Yep, you’ll earn 8 points with every purchase, direct debit or BPAY payment. Just meet the Monthly Criteria and voila – the points are yours.

Just for being you3

We like to reward you for the little things. That could be things like your birthday, reaching a milestone or just to say thanks. 

Red hot partner offers12

Access loads of partner offers to earn thousands of bonus points and other epic benefits from awesome brands like The Iconic, HelloFresh and Menulog.

Booking a hotel21

Simply book your next hotel stay with us and earn 5 points per $1 spent upon check-out. And all from within the app.

5K Welcome Bonus5

Get 5,000 bonus points when you take out a new Virgin Money Go Account and make a purchase (that settles) in your first 30 days. Ends 31/08/22. T&Cs apply.

Refer a friend13

Referring a friend to the Virgin Money Go Account could earn you 5,000 bonus points. T&Cs apply.

How to use Virgin Money Points

Points for cash14

Swap your points for cash back into your Virgin Money Go Account or one of your linked savings accounts.

Pay with points15

Use your points to pay for a recent purchase...and poof! - it's like it never happened. 

Gift cards16

A gift for you, or a gift for someone else. Choose from our range of gift card partners.

Share your points17

Show you care. Give the gift of points to anyone you want - they just need to have a Virgin Money Account.


Still have some questions? Let’s see if we can answer them for you now.

  • What is Virgin Money Rewards?

    Virgin Money Rewards is our loyalty program designed with you in mind. Our goal is to recognise and reward you for who you are, and to help you create better money habits. It’s about giving you a rewarding banking experience every day, not just someday.

    You'll earn Virgin Money Points for a whole heap of things like partner offers, everyday purchases, direct debits and BPAY payments when you meet the Monthly Criteria (see below) on your Virgin Money Go Account, we might just decide to say thanks or well done, as well, for doing a bunch of good things for you (not us). And when it comes to using your points, we’ll give you plenty of ways that work for you too.

  • What Virgin Money products have access to Virgin Money Rewards?

    You’ll get access to Virgin Money Rewards with any of our transaction or savings accounts: the Virgin Money Go Account, Virgin Money Boost Saver or Virgin Money Grow Saver.

    If you hold a Virgin Money Go Account, not only does it come bundled with our highest interest savings account – the Virgin Money Boost Saver –  but you'll also get ALL the perks of Virgin Money Rewards. This includes earning points on every purchase, BPAY payment and direct debit when you meet the Monthly Criteria each month (see below). You’ll also be able to earn points through a huge range of partner offers and booking hotels. Not to mention, you’ll get access to other epic perks and experiences along the way.

    If you only have a Grow Saver, you’ll still be able to book hotels through the mobile banking app and have access to a huge range of partner offers – just not as many as you would if you have our Go Account as well. If rewards get you excited, then you might want to check out our everyday Go Account.

    No matter which account you hold, once you’ve got the points, you’ll be able to use them for cashback, shop for gift cards, or even pay for a recent purchase with points!

  • Does the way I earn points change if I have a Joint Account?

    In most cases, if you hold a joint account, most points will be split down the middle between you and your mate. For example, when you collectively reach the Monthly Criteria on your joint account, you will each earn 4 Virgin Money Points per purchase, direct debit or BPAY payment the next month.

    If you earn points through one of our partner offers, the joint account holder who made that purchase will receive all the points.

  • Will I still earn Velocity Points on my credit card and other products with Virgin Money?

    Yep, if you’re currently earning Velocity Frequent Flyer Points on a Virgin Money credit card, home loan*, super or insurance, you’ll continue to do so, just as you do today. Want Virgin Money Rewards on top of that? Simply take out one of our new Virgin Money transaction or savings accounts to get earning.

    *If you make a material change to your home loan including a restructure and/or opening a new loan account on or after 25 May 2020, you may no longer be eligible to earn Velocity Points. Please contact our Customer Care Team on 13 81 51 to discuss any changes you’re are considering.

  • Do my Virgin Money Points expire?

    There’s no 'use-by' date on these points as long as you have an active eligible product with us and have earned or redeemed a point within the last 2 years. That said, if you close all your accounts, you’ll have 3 months to redeem any outstanding points.

  • What is the Monthly Criteria?

    To unlock 8 points per purchase, direct debit and BPAY payment on your Go Account, plus bonus interest on your Boost Saver, you need to meet the Monthly Criteria in the previous month. Here’s what you need to do each month:

    Age group Monthly Criteria
    14 – 17 years There are no criteria required to activate the benefits. You’re already good to go.
    18 – 24 years
    Deposit $1,000 or more from another financial institution (such as your salary) into your Virgin Money Go Account and make at least 5 purchases, direct debits or BPAY payments which settle in that month (not pending). Ready? Go.
    Over 25 years
    Deposit $2,000 or more from another financial institution (such as your salary) into your Virgin Money Go Account and make at least 5 purchases, direct debits or BPAY payments which settle in that month (not pending). Let’s go!