Boost your points balance, your way

Here’s the lowdown on how you can build a serious Virgin Money Points balance

5K Welcome Offer5

Receive 5,000 Bonus Virgin Money Points when you take out a new Virgin Money Go Account and bundled Boost Saver, and make at least one debit card purchase, direct debit or BPAY payment from your Go Account in your first 30 days (purchases must be settled, not pending).5  Offer ends 31/07/24.

Everyday purchases1

Earn 8 Virgin Money Points for every purchase, direct debit and BPAY payment on your everyday Virgin Money Go Account.

Refer a friend13

Bring a friend to the party, and we’ll thank you with 5,000 Bonus Virgin Money Points when they sign up for a new Virgin Money Go Account and meet the Welcome Offer Criteria.26

Red hot partner offers12

You can earn thousands of bonus Virgin Money Points from a range of partner offers all from the palm of your hand. From your favourite big brands and local stores, to brands making a difference in this world. 

Booking a hotel21

Taking a mini-break or road-tripping somewhere? We’ve got your next hotel stay sorted. With Virgin Money Rewards you can book your hotel at great pricing all within the app and earn 5 bonus points per $1 spent at check-out. Now, where to next?

Just for being you3

We love to reward and recognise you for the little things, too. So don't be surprised if we send you points, perks and great experiences for things like reaching a milestone, or just to say thanks. 

See how quickly you can earn points

See how easy it is to get a whole heap of points

If you love a good partner offer and you use your card for everyday purchases,
it doesn’t take much for your points to add up.

Daily activity

Virgin Money Points earned

Met the welcome offer criteria by making one debit card purchase, direct debit or BPAY payment from your Go Account in first 30 days.5

5,000 Bonus Points

Grabbing your morning coffee then tapping on the bus to work

16 points

Monthly Telstra bill BPAY payment made

8 points

Netflix subscription direct debit paid

8 points

Business lunch at Pablo & Rusty for $150 – bonus points partner12

3,000 bonus points

Weekly grocery shop before heading to dinner with friends

16 points

New pumps from Puma online for $100 – bonus points partner12

1,600 bonus points

Checked out of our 2 night hotel stay at the Brunswick Chalet in Byron Bay with my bestie21

4,950 bonus points

Successfully referred a friend who met the Welcome Bonus criteria13

5,000 bonus points

That’s already 19,598 Virgin Money Points.
How easy was that?

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*Bonus Points earned are based on partner offers available as at  30 September 2022 through our Virgin Money Rewards program and assume individual offer conditions were met. These offers may be updated from time to time without notice.


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Still have some questions? Let’s see if we can answer them for you now.

  • What is Virgin Money Rewards?

    Virgin Money Rewards is our loyalty program designed with you in mind. Our goal is to recognise and reward you for who you are, and to help you create better money habits. It’s about giving you a rewarding banking experience every day, not just someday.

    You'll earn Virgin Money Points for a whole heap of things like partner offers, everyday settled purchases (not pending) using your Debit Card, direct debits and BPAY payments on your Virgin Money Go Account and cash outs from a merchant's point of sales terminal, we might just decide to say thanks or well done, as well, for doing a bunch of good things for you (not us). And when it comes to using your points, we’ll give you plenty of ways that work for you too.

  • How can I earn points?

    We love to give, so there's heaps of ways to earn points:

    • Standard Points for making a settled purchase (not pending) using your Debit Card, direct debit and BPAY payment on your everyday Virgin Money Go Account and cash out from a merchant's point of sales terminal.
    • Partner offers - earn Bonus Points from shopping with our partners via the "Partner Offers" section of the Rewards Hub.
    • Booking a hotel - earn Bonus Points  via the "Book Travel" section of the Rewards Hub.
    • Referring a friend - Customers that hold a Virgin Money Go Account can earn Bonus Points by referring a friend to open a Virgin Money Go Account of their own (T&Cs apply).
    • Welcome offer - Bonus Points on a new Virgin Money Go Account and when you meet the welcome offer criteria. Ends 31/07/24. (T&Cs apply) New customers only.
    • Just for being you. We’ll find the perfect moment to surprise you with bonus points, little perks or special offers, just to say thanks.

    If you hold a joint Virgin Money Go Account, Standard Points will be split evenly between you and your mate. If you earn Bonus Points through one of our partner offers, the joint account holder who made that purchase will receive all the Bonus Points.

    Getting up and running is easy if you’re already a customer and have the app. Just head to the Rewards hub and tap the Earn button to start earning today.

    Learn all the ways to earn points

  • Will I still earn Velocity Points on my credit card and other products with Virgin Money?

    Yep, if you’re currently earning Velocity Frequent Flyer Points on a Virgin Money credit card, home loan*, super or insurance, you’ll continue to do so, just as you do today. Want Virgin Money Rewards on top of that? Simply take out one of our new Virgin Money transaction or savings accounts to get earning.

    Your everyday spend will still get you closer to your travel goals: you can choose to transfer your Virgin Money Rewards Points to Velocity Points.

    *If you make a material change to your home loan including a restructure and/or opening a new loan account on or after 25 May 2020, you may no longer be eligible to earn Velocity Points. Please contact our Customer Care Team on 13 81 51 to discuss any changes you’re are considering.

  • What Virgin Money products have access to Virgin Money Rewards?

    You'll get access to Virgin Money Rewards with any of our transaction or savings accounts: 

    Earn Standard Points on settled purchases (not pending), BPAY payment and direct debit on your Virgin Money Go Account and cash outs from a merchant's point of sales terminal. You’ll also be able to earn Bonus Points through a huge range of partner offers and booking hotels. Not to mention, you’ll get access to other epic perks and experiences along the way.

  • Do my Virgin Money Points expire?

    There’s no 'use-by' date on these points if you have an active Virgin Money Go Account, Grow Saver or Boost Saver Account with us and have earned or redeemed a point within the last 2 years. That said, if you close all your accounts the Points you earned will expire within 3 months of closing and you will only be able to redeem any remaining Points as an eVoucher (giftcard).

  • How can I redeem points?

    You’ve got plenty of options.

    Check out how to redeem points

  • Does the way I earn points change if I have a Joint Account?

    In most cases, if you hold a joint account, the points will be split down the middle between you and your buddy. But, if one of you takes up one of our awesome partner offers, the joint account holder who made that purchase will receive all the points.