Earning Virgin Money Points is easy

Imagine what you could do with 5,000 Virgin Money Points.

How about a $20 gift card from The Iconic or prefer cold hard cash back into your account? To point you in the right direction, we’ve put together our top tips to help boost your points balance and reap the rewards.

Get going with a Virgin Money Go Transaction Account for an easy 5,000

Earn big from the get-go with a Virgin Money Go Transaction Account. Simply open an account and make your first settled purchase in the first 30 days and, boom, 5,000 points are yours. That’ll get you rolling.

Clock up a quick 8 points for each purchase, every day

We reward you not just for the big stuff, but also just for your everyday day spending. Get 8 points for every transaction, BPAY or Direct Debit you make. That coffee? There’s a tasty 8 points. Those groceries? Have another 8. Have to fill up the car with petrol? Fill your points balance with another 8 points. Ring up 100 purchases and that’s 800 points. All you have to do is meet the Monthly Criteria in the previous month. Plus, if you’re a new Go Account customer, you can start earning points right away in your first month, just for joining the fam.

Monthly Criteria you say? It’s a fancy way of just saying you simply need to use your account regularly. To earn you 8 points per transaction you’ll need to deposit $2,000 in your account (less if you’re under 25) and make just 5 settled transactions each month. It’s as simple as getting your weekly pay deposited directly into your account and using your Go Account for your groceries and bills.  

Share the love for another 5,000

Loving your Go Transaction Account? Share the good news with a friend and score a bonus 5,000 points. They just have to open an account and make a settled purchase in the first 30 days and the points are yours. And because we like to share, we’ll give your mate a bonus 5,000 points too.

Enjoy offers too good to refuse

We’ve put together a family of partners to help you enjoy life with some epic rewards. Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Order in with Menulog and earn 2,000 points when you spend $25. Need some new kicks? Buy your next pair of sneakers from Footlocker and earn 12 points for every dollar you spend. Plus our partners like to surprise you with special deals and bonus offers along the way. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Head out of town and pack the points

If you’re looking to get away, you can even book your hotel, courtesy of Virgin Money. Choose from over 550,000 hotels, enjoy great rates and 5 bonus points on every dollar you spend. Spending $900 for a cheeky weekend away in Byron Bay could earn you another 5,400 points. And you get a holiday at the beach. Good times.

Be surprised

We like to keep life interesting. And we also want to show you that you rock our world by choosing to bank with us. So keep an eye out for a little love note from us – we may reward you with bonus points, special offers and more when you least expect it. 

Get earning, get burning

There you have it, you just earned over 20,000 points – maybe even more. But remember, points are more than just a number. You can redeem your Virgin Money Points in lots of great ways and it’s quick, simple and easy. Get that special someone a gift card, convert your points to cash in your pocket, or pretend that purchase didn’t exist with the purchase eraser.

Want to know where your Virgin Money Points can take you? Download the Virgin Money app today and find out.