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How to earn (and spend) Virgin Money Points

With Virgin Money, there’s one thing that unites everyone – the epic perks.

For TikTok food creator Ramon Israel, earning Virgin Money Points helps him live his best life – in style. The Virgin Money Rewards program is accessible through the app, and it allows Ramon and other social media personalities including Mitch O’Leary, Jiny Maeng and Clever Women Co co-founders, Gal Krohn and Em Kaplan, to earn Virgin Money Points for spending as well as saving. The points are redeemable for travel, fashion and beauty offers, making a luxe lifestyle totally achievable even if you’re on a tight budget.

'I am obsessed with earning points,' says Melbourne-based Ramon. 'Having the option to use them saves me a lot of money, especially when booking travel and accommodation.  ‘Once you get into the habit of having fun with collecting points, you can easily reward yourself with no stress directly on the app.'

Solo date night

Let’s face it, deciding what to have for dinner, cooking and then cleaning up isn’t the most appealing thought, especially after a long, brain-draining day at work.

Ramon likes to treat himself occasionally by ordering food from Virgin Money partners like Menulog, earning points galore – and give them a well-deserved night out of the kitchen. ‘I order from Menulog when I am having a solo date night at home,' says Ramon. 'In fact, I try to do that at least three times a month to take full advantage of earning points!' 

Travel points hacks

He found fame in the TikTok Fitzroy Garage Party era, and now Mitch O’Leary is using his platform to educate others about points hacking. The Adelaide native suggests booking hotels through the Virgin Money app for competitive rates alongside the bonus rewards.

'Travelling with work is definitely a must for us and it couldn’t be easier through the app,' says Mitch, the co-founder of streetwear label Outdated Collective. 'It is a great way to find nice, affordable accommodation whilst getting bonus points for doing it!'

Ramon, who also loves to travel, says he took advantage of the points perks when he booked a holiday to Bali directly on the Virgin Money app. ‘Firstly, this kept all of the hotels in one place without having multiple tabs automatically open, which can be stressful,' he says.

'It’s also a great way to see how many points you can receive, the hotel’s star rating, how far the property is from a central location, as well as the different options of rooms. Better yet, you can still earn points through if the advertised room wasn't your first preference!'

Treat yourself - smartly

Online shopping is a great way to treat yourself. And whilst it’s important to make considered purchases to avoid blowing the budget, Virgin Money rewards you for shopping with points. When the moment strikes, Ramon gets his retail fix by shopping with Virgin Money partners on the app first.

He also uses the app for beauty and wellness purchases to score bonus points and other epic benefits from brands he loves. ‘When I'm in the mood to have the ultimate self-care day or night, partners like Oz Hair & Beauty, Clinique, and Adore Beauty are always guaranteed to have my favourite skincare and haircare products to pamper myself,' he says.

Have a GO!

We get it, being handsomely rewarded for spending from a savings account seems too good to be true, but it's worth giving Virgin Money’s Go Account a red-hot go. 

Not only can you earn eight points with every purchase, direct debit or BPAY payments, you can swap the points for cash back into a Go Account or a linked Virgin Money savings account. It’s also simple to use, 'The best way I'm earning my Virgin Money Points is by using the debit card as the default card on my phone. Every time I tap, I get 8 points. I don't even notice it anymore, and it's building my points bank in the background! So easy because it's an action I'd be doing anyway,' says Gal.

Ramon describes his Virgin savings account as his 'Holy Grail'. The savvy star also has one personalised savings account called Short Term Fun, which he uses for any spontaneous interstate trips or solo hotel staycations. 'You can accumulate eight points on purchases and use these points to make purchases, so this account is forever growing without even realising it,' he says.

Share the love

Virgin is all about sharing the love around. When you let a friend know about the points you can earn a truckload more points yourself. 'I am earning Virgin Money Points by successfully referring my friends to the Go Account. For every friend you refer who meets the Welcome Bonus criteria, you get 5000 bonus points. I mean, how great is that!' says Em.

Free points and you get to spoil a friend? Sign us up!

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