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How to live luxe for less

We have some good news. There are plenty of hacks for living the high life without busting the budget. We asked some of our favourite money-savvy content creators to spill the beans on how to live a luxe life for less.

Travel more for less

It was when popular TikToker Jiny Maeng saw a comment on one of her viral videos about travel suggesting she must be ridiculously rich to afford such a lavish lifestyle that she realised she had hacked the luxe life.

'My plane videos always go well on social media and people are like, "How are you always flying!"' she says. 'Not knowing me from my [social media] videos, there was this one comment saying, "Maybe she’s a multi-millionaire or maybe she’s the wife of a pilot?"'

This is not the case for the Korean-born social media personality, who holds a double degree in International Studies and Product Design from University of Technology Sydney. Jiny says the lavish millionaire lifestyle that she’s been associated with couldn’t be further from the truth.

However, she says with clever budgeting skills and the right hacks, travel is more accessible than many people believe.

Hacking travel to make it more accessible

'People expect travel to be super, super expensive,' says Jiny, who often travels with her best friend and fellow content creator, Bridey Drake. 'But I don’t think it has to be.'

Jiny says her top tip is to save where you can so you can spend where you want. She prioritises food and immersive experiences over shopping sprees and looks for competitive deals on accommodation. ‘Flight deals are my go-to,' she says. 'I’m always on the lookout for deals and discounts on hotels and activities.

'I save most of my money by not shopping too much when I am travelling – except for magnets as I like to collect them for my fridge.’

If it is not a special occasion, Jiny opts to eat local food, which is usually much cheaper and a more authentic and immersive option while travelling.

Share the love – and cost

Adelaide-based Mitch O’Leary books his trips on the Virgin Money app for epic rates and rewards.

The social media star and co-founder of streetwear label Outdated says that sharing bougie trips with friends and family is one of his favourite ways to live large without blowing the budget. 

'Experiencing things with others and splitting the costs down makes it so much easier,' he says. 'You’ll go for dinner and someone will get one night and you’ll get the next, same with Ubers. Coffees will be on one person; you’ll get the next.

'It really chops the costs down.'

Points, baby! 

TikTok star Ramon Israel has one tip for living his best life for less.

'Points, points and more points!' he exclaims. 'I have funded most of my flights and trips with points.'

He recommends shopping on the Virgin Money app with partners to accumulate points. 'Once you start, you’ll be obsessed,' he says. 'I was never interested in how points worked but then I gave it a go through the app and it became like another TikTok for me because you’re constantly looking to see what you can claim.'

Ramon also suggests opening a separate Virgin Money Go account for guilt-free ‘fun money’ to use on lavish experiences and things.

'Set a goal and put a certain amount in there when you’re paid and, at end of a certain period of time, you have money to play with which isn’t tied to any responsibilities,' he says.

Buy less but better

When it comes to spending sprees, Savvy Clever Women Co. podcasters and content creators, Gal Krohn and Em Kaplan, opt to shop more consciously and buy fewer, quality purchases that will last the test of time.

'For us, it is so much more about quality and not overbuying,' says Gal, whom along with Em is known for opening up important conversations around finance and career journeys for young women.

'It depends on who you are supporting in terms of the business you’re buying from and what you value. We can’t stand fast fashion.'

Socially responsible, sustainable and timeless purchases are not only better for the planet but they will also save you money in the long run.

Start living the luxe life for less

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