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Pay with points and stop the spending hangover in its tracks

Rewards. We love ‘em, right? What’s more rewarding than using points to pay for something you really want? How about using them to claw back money on a purchase you instantly regretted? Now that’s rewarding.

Our Pay with points feature in the Virgin Money app (previously known as Purchase Eraser) is an impulse buyer’s best friend. You can use your available points balance to pay for an item you’ve already bought – and poof! The cash value will be credited back to your preferred account1. Magic, right?

Well, not magic. Just smart banking. If you’re not sure which purchases are worth splashing your points on, these scenarios show you just how handy the Pay with points feature really is. 

It's the most wonderful (and expensive) time of the year

With all its festive fun, December brings a lot of financial stress along in the sleigh. The presents, the food, the bubbly – it can be a crushing time for your bank account. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, there’s a good chance you’ll be splurging a little more during the summer break. But with the Pay with points feature, you can say goodbye to those overpriced, hand-painted tree ornaments and hello to your money again!

Bills, bills, and more bills

If you had to explain adulthood in a few words, one of them would probably be ‘Bills’. We know they’re coming but it always hurts to see that precious money leave our account. If only there was a way to make them go away… 

Enter, Pay with points. That phone bill? Gone. Your multiple streaming services? Invisible. The road tolls you forgot to pay but were hoping would just go away? C’ya.

When life happens…

You never know when your car battery is going to conk out, or when your wisdom teeth are going to come through with a vengeance. And not everyone has a safety net to fall back on. Luckily, if you find yourself in need of some extra cash, you can use the Pay with points feature to reclaim a few of your recent purchases. It may not cover the whole bill, but you’ll be far better off than before.

Ready to make those purchases disappear?

It’s super easy to use the app to Pay with points and reverse your cash purchase. To find your transactions and how many points you need to pay for them, simply open the Virgin Money app, click on your account and select ‘Pay with points’ mode.

Don’t have an account with us yet? Let’s fix that, ASAP. Join us and start earning Virgin Money Rewards points with a Go account today.

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Important information

1.  The purchases available for Pay with points are Eligible Transactions you made within the last 90 days. The full list of Eligible Transactions can be found in the Virgin Money Terms and Conditions (hyperlink to You must have sufficient points to be able to redeem the purchase through Pay with points.  If you redeem your points with Pay with points we will credit a cash amount equal to the selected transaction into the Virgin Money Go Account or Virgin Money credit card account that was used to make the original purchase. Once we credit the amount you cannot reverse that redemption. Pay with points is not available to Additional Cardholders of Virgin Money credit cards.