I am changing jobs: how does that affect my Super?

Honest work doesn’t just give us the means to survive and be comfortable week to week. With some clever saving, no matter your income, it can prepare us for retirement later in life.

We often talk about the importance of a super nest egg, and all the different ways you can put your own money into one. But how do you ensure your employer is contributing to your savings as well? And what happens if you change employer?

Here is what you need to know.

From unemployed to employed

Whether it’s starting a job after you leave school or coming back from an extended period of time without work, when you start your new job, you’ll need to make sure your super details are in order.

If you are over the age of 18 and earn more than $450 per month, you are entitled to super guarantee contributions from your new boss. Currently, an employer has to contribute 9.5% of your ordinary time earnings to your super at least once every three months.

Once you have your tax file number (TFN), you can present it to your employer alongside your choice of super provider. If you like the sound of us and wish to join Virgin Money Super, you can download one of our Super Choice Forms to give to your employer and have them contribute to your account in preparation for your retirement.

Changing jobs from one employer to another 

Throughout life you may choose to change employment once or a number of times. Though this may cause your regular pay cheque to rise and fall, you want to make sure you keep track of your super and where it is going.

If you are already a Virgin Money Super member, ensuring your new employer is contributing to your chosen account is as easy as when you first started out – by downloading a Super Choice Form and handing it to your new employer, alongside your TFN.

Over time, you might end up with multiple superannuation accounts. Having more than one account could be costing you multiple sets of fees.

If you consolidate your super accounts, it is usually a pretty easy process to roll them over into your preferred account.

Keeping your retirement front of mind as you move through life and your career will ensure you’re always pushing towards more comfortable retirement living.

Are you changing jobs? If so, make sure you are ready.