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Fun family holiday ideas

Do you look on your childhood and fondly remember the annual family holiday?

For some, the big escape was to the same destination each year, enjoying familiar beaches and bonding over the familiar restaurant we all loved.

To others, it was a time of exploration and new adventures, where the family shared an exciting new experience somewhere exotic.

Either way, going away with the kids is a great way to become closer as a family and make new memories to reminisce about later in life.

Here are our family holiday ideas to spark your imagination this year.

The road trip holiday

Road trips make for exciting getaways no matter your age. They offer a chance to explore the countryside from the comfort of your own car, soaking in sights you would otherwise miss by flying.

That’s not to mention the many opportunities you will have for picnic or coffee stops, photo moments and all the random, exciting encounters you’ll meet along the way – such as that moment all the cows were on the road, or the time you stopped to walk in a national park and you saw a kangaroo in the wild.

Taking children along for the ride is a great way to spend quality time with them, but there are a few things you need to remember.

Children don’t have the same attention span or patience that adults do, so long-distance driving will often bring about grumpy faces. To counteract this, make sure you stop often, eat or snack regularly and make sure there is some entertaining games in the car to keep them occupied between sleeps.

If your child is one of the 30 per cent of Australians who NPS MedicineWise says suffer from motion sickness, make sure they get plenty of fresh air and stare out the window – watching a video screen inside the car could worsen their stomach.

Starting your family road trip

Load the car, choose a direction, and drive.

Expert tip: Australia is a huge country dotted with spectacular coasts, cliffs, caves, deserts, lakes, forests and man-made big things. Know the points of interest on your scheduled route and allow plenty of time to get places. Focus on the journey, as well as the destination.

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The camping holiday

Even if school is out, your children can still learn whilst on holiday. Camping is a great way to get down to nature, learn about basic wilderness survival skills and enjoy the freshness of the Australian outdoors.

What could be more intriguing to a city child than sitting around a camp fire, toasting marshmallows or trying to spot some wildlife? There might be a few grumbles to begin with, but few can resist the joys of catching their first fish.

For safety, practice setting up your tent and cooking on an outdoor gas stove before travelling to your spot. Also, if you’re worried about leaving something important behind, such as medicine or a rain coat, you could try find a camping spot near where you live – so you can hurry back without anyone noticing.

Where to go camping

Ask your outdoor-loving friends, or jump online and search for campsites in your area. Most of us will have a few suitable locations no more than a couple of hours away.

Expert tip: Make sure you find a location with the enough activities, supplies and amenities to keep the whole family happy.

The cruise holiday

Cruise holidays can take you and your family through some of the most dazzlingly beautiful coastal areas around the world.

Most major operators, such as P&O or Princess, also offer a range of entertainment and dining options to keep everyone happy between ports. These can include circus performances, blockbuster movies, swimming pools, and a veritable fleet of family shows that should delight your little ones. But as with the road trip, make sure you’ve got a contingency in place for motion sickness.

All aboard a family cruise

The major travel agencies will have information on a range of cruises both domestically and abroad.

Expert tip: First and foremost, choose a family-friendly ship (avoid the singles and party cruises!). If sea-sickness is a concern, look for river or calmer sea cruises where possible.

Pack peace of mind

If you choose to go on a family holiday, make sure you include safety and peace of mind in your planning phase. If something should go awry, especially when travelling overseas, you’ll want to have a safety net to fall back on. Talk to us today to see if Virgin Travel Insurance is suitable for your family’s needs.

What are your family holiday plans?

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