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Changing my loan type

Changing home loan type is easier than you think and can have big benefits.

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Making repayments

Be money savvy. Find out more about your home loan repayment options and get more bang for your buck.

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Options with my home loan

Knowledge is power. Explore how to manage your home loan and get more out of it.

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Closing my home loan

Whether you’re selling or you’ve come into some money, discover what you need to consider before closing.

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Using your online account

It's easy to manage your home loan accounts online with safe and secure 24/7 access, here's how.

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Financial support

Find out more if you are having financial difficulty or need some support on your home loan.

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Velocity rewards

All about Velocity Frequent Flyer rewards for existing customers.

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Virgin Money Blog

Your house is more than a home. Open the door to a world of ideas and insights.

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