Register for the Hub access

You can register for the Hub by giving our Customer Care Team a call on 13 81 51. All we ask is that you have a valid email address, you’re a signatory to each account for the Hub and that you have authority to operate on those accounts.

If there are multiple signatories to the account each user will need to complete the Hub registration process.

If you're applying for Hub access and the method of operation of the account is one to sign you can also apply over the phone. Our team will walk you through the registration process and have you online in no time.


What can be managed online?

Here's a list of some of the transactions you can manage online:

  • account balance enquiry;
  • transaction history enquiry;
  • search for transaction details and export those details to your own PC;
  • transfer of funds between Nominated Accounts;
  • request a statement to be posted to you
  • pay bills using BPAY;
  • make payments to accounts with us and at other Australian financial institutions using the Pay Anyone facility;
  • schedule transfers and payments to be paid on a future date or on a recurring periodic frequency (eg monthly);
  • define that more than one person must authorise transactions and requests carried out on your behalf;
  • send secure messages to us and receive secure messages from us;
  • request an increase or decrease to your daily transaction limits;
  • define nicknames for Nominated Accounts;
  • change your Personal Access Code;
  • disable access to the Hub for yourself.

After you complete a Transaction History search in the Hub you will be presented with the option to Export All or Viewed Transaction History. This function allows transaction information to be exported in external file formats for import into all major personal financial management applications.

Virgin Money Token

Protecting the integrity of our customers' financial information is our top priority, as such we have a superior level of online security by way of the Virgin Money Token (this can be a physical token or a soft token on your smartphone).

A Virgin Money Token will not be required for the purposes of logging in to the Hub, rather it will be used to authenticate certain transactions where you are transferring funds to a non-Virgin Money account.

When completing transactions, the Hub may prompt you to initiate one of two types of security application using the Virgin Money Token:

  • Token Application #1 (One Time Password) – this issues a unique 8 digit authentication code which customers will enter into the Hub when prompted.
  • Token Application #2 (Transaction Signing) – customers will be required to enter information about their transaction into the Virgin Money Token. This will be used by the Virgin Money Token to generate an authentication code uniquely tied to that transaction, which customers will then enter into the Hub when prompted.
  • Transactions requiring a Token

    Not all value transactions* will require the use of the Virgin Money Token. The Virgin Money Token is only required if you have selected a Daily Limits package with a Pay Anyone limit of $10,000 or more.

    The available limit packages are outlined in the table below:

    Pay anyone daily limit Authentication method BPAY® daily limit
    $0 - $0
    $2,500 - $10,000
    $5,000 - $20,000
    $10,000 Token - Application # 1 $50,000
    $15,000 Token - Application # 1 $100,000
    $25,000 Token - Application # 1 $200,000
    $10,000,000 Token - Application # 2 $10,000,000

    *Value transactions - any transaction where an amount greater than zero is transferred from a nominated account.

    Important: Where you decrease your daily limit to a limit which does not require the use of the Virgin Money Token it will be necessary to authenticate the request by entering a One Time Password generated by 'Application #1' from your Virgin Money Token.

Online security

Your online security is important to us. The Hub uses a robust solution to protect your information. Some of the security measures we have implemented include:

  • All transactions through the Hub are encrypted using 128 bit SSL encryption. This protects your Personal Access Code and all sensitive information from being accessed by an unauthorised person. We are constantly changing large session keys.
  • Introduction of the Virgin Money Token for customers with a daily Pay Anyone limit of $10,000 or greater. This works by generating a password that continually changes – this ensures maximum protection for your Hub transactions.
  • Authentication and sessions are managed from the Lender’s systems.
  • Personal Access Codes are required to be complex to minimise the chance of them being compromised. If multiple 'guessing' attempts are detected, access to the Hub will automatically lock to prevent unauthorised access.
  • The computer network is protected by multiple firewalls of different types and all systems are regularly maintained, audited and scrutinised to actively prevent any unauthorised access from the Internet. Host and network based intrusion detection systems are employed.
  • All Hub sessions have an automatic time out feature to protect your privacy.

Important: You also play an important role in protecting your online information and security, here’s some tips on how to stay safe online.

Online fraudsters attempt to take advantage of customers with poor security on their computers. For example malicious software downloaded from the Internet or received via attachments to emails can contain malware that could compromise the security of your computer. Even browsing certain websites could lead to a compromise of your computer's security. Hoax emails have also circulated the Internet during recent times, enticing customers to disclose personal details at fake websites.

When you type your Customer Access Number (CAN), UserID (if applicable) and Personal Access Code (PAC) into the Hub log in screen, your computer 'encrypts' and sends this information to us via a secure connection. If your own computer is not protected, it is possible that a hacker could gain control of it and watch everything you type or save on your hard disk, without it being encrypted. It is critical that you take steps to protect yourself and your computer.

  • always access the Hub by typing or into your web browser, never by following a link.
  • always ignore any email or other communication to the contrary.
  • we will never contact you with a request to access or log into our secure site 'The Hub' or ask you to disclose your CAN and PAC.

Important: Information contained on this page relates to the Virgin Money Reward Me Home Loan and Companion Account only. For assistance with any other loan please see our FAQs.