Important update

New travel insurance policies are no longer issued, effective 25 March 2020.

Your safety while travelling on your adventure is important, just like making sure your insurance policy is valid when you embark on your adventure.

To ensure your policy is valid whilst travelling, we've pulled an up-to-date list of countries the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) consider as "Do not travel" & "Reconsider your travel" – this is provided via the Smartraveller website.

It's important to keep up-to-date with this page and the Smartraveller website. If the country you intend to visit is on this list, your travel insurance policy may not be valid.


Speak to your local operator and ask to be put through reverse charge to +61 7 3305 7499.

Click here for more information on current travel alerts and understand the impact on your insurance.

Do Not Travel
Country Date of Issue
Iraq 24 Apr 2024
Lebanon 24 Apr 2024
Iran 24 Apr 2024
Afghanistan 19 Apr 2024
Russia 18 Apr 2024
Yemen 17 Apr 2024
Syria 14 Apr 2024
Myanmar 12 Apr 2024
Niger 09 Apr 2024
Burkina Faso 09 Apr 2024
Haiti 08 Apr 2024
Central African Republic 08 Apr 2024
South Sudan 08 Apr 2024
Libya 21 Mar 2024
Mali 05 Mar 2024
Ukraine 04 Mar 2024
North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) 01 Mar 2024
Somalia 17 Jan 2024
Chad 18 Dec 2023
Venezuela 05 Dec 2023
Sudan 07 Nov 2023
Belarus 05 Oct 2023
Reconsider Your Need to Travel
Country Date of Issue
Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories 24 Apr 2024
Egypt 14 Apr 2024
Democratic Republic of the Congo 02 Apr 2024
Pakistan 21 Mar 2024
Mauritania 28 Feb 2024
Burundi 18 Jan 2024
Ethiopia 17 Jan 2024
Eritrea 10 Jan 2024
Nigeria 09 Nov 2023
Turkmenistan 06 Jul 2023
High Degree of Caution

Travel alerts are currently not available. Please visit the Smart Traveller website for more information.

Please note: there are exclusions applicable to claims arising from travelling against Government advice, warning and/or mass media statements. To find out more, see the General Exclusions section of the PDS.

Visit the Smart Traveller site for more information

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