How to change your Super Guarantee contributions to Virgin Money Super

For working Australians, superannuation might be something kept at the back of mind - after all, retirement probably feels way off. You can start making the most out of your superannuation account today by setting up your employer contributions.

How to set up your employer contributions

To change and set up your employer contributions with Virgin Money Super, simply:

  1. Download the Virgin Money Super Choice form.
  2. Update it with your Customer Number and sign it. Your customer number can be found on your last statement, a recent letter or email, or by logging in to your online account.
  3. Give it to your employer, who should be able to make the switch during your next pay run.

  Download the super choice form

Useful Information 

Letter of compliance 

Give this letter to your (new) employer along with the ATO choice form if you want your employer to pay you standard super contribution to your Virgin Money account.

Virgin Money Super USI Fund Details

Fund ABN
19 905 422 981

Fund USI

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