The battle is on for the best Christmas Climate

It’s Christmas time, but is it a roast in the oven or are you roasting at the beach? Christmas looks a little different to different people – you can usually spot the difference by checking whether their feet are in jandals or a few feet of snow.

But which one is better? Simply check out the graphic below to figure out which hemisphere you’d most like to be in when Santa shimmies down the chimney. Both sides come with convincing arguments (how are we supposed to pick between building snowmen and sandcastles?) but fortunately both sides also come with great food, a few pressies under the tree and plenty of Christmas cheer.

So pick your side and let us know, if you’d prefer to spend Christmas in the sun or snow.

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UPDATED: So you’ve voted, we’ve listened. 61% prefer Christmas in the sun. That brings the battle to an end, although we think it was pretty close!

Battle of the Christmas Climates

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