What’s included in the reports?

Property report

Property insights

Looking to turn this property into an investment? Get insights on recent sales and rental prices for similar properties in the area.

Property details

Get key details and information about the property - from the number of bedrooms to the year it was built, to help you be informed.

Suburb insights

Be informed about the area you’re looking to buy in. Get insights on the median sale price, days on market and vendor discounts.

Price estimate

Be Informed before you bid, with a price estimate based on sales for similar properties in the area.

Suburb report

Demographic information

Get the latest overview of suburb demographics for the suburb you’re interested in, including population, average length of ownership, split between renters and owners and a suburb map.

Relevant market data

Get the latest data on number of dwellings, listings and sales in the area along with median days in market and vendor discounts.

Latest median prices

Be informed on the latest sales in the area as well as the latest changes in median prices including indicative gross rental yields for the suburb you’re interested in.

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