Building a superfund for the year 2065…

It's payday. You have a tidy pay cheque in your bank account, you've finished work for the week, and now you're ready to relax and unwind – odds are you're more interested in making voluntary contributions to your bartender's tip jar than to your super fund!

However, there are many reasons why making a few supplementary top-ups to your retirement kitty may be a great decision. Not only could you be earning a few tidy tax benefits, but you might also become eligible for bonus government contributions. Remember super is a long term investment, contribution limits apply and money must stay in the super system until a condition of release is met, such as retirement.

But one of the most important things to keep in mind when weighing up the pros and cons of making voluntary contributions is that Australians are living longer than ever before.

According to the World Bank, the average life expectancy of an Aussie born in the year 1985 is 75.63 years. That means that if you're currently in your mid to late 20s, you can expect to live until the year 2065 (assuming nothing unfortunate happens in the interim, of course).

Odds are that the Australia of 2065 is going to be a lot different to the Australia of today, and it's a pretty safe bet that the cost of living will be a lot higher after 50 years of inflation as well.

This is a great reason to consider regularly topping up your superannuation fund with a voluntary contribution or two, so you'll hopefully be on the way to living more comfortably when your hair's gone grey.

But what else can we expect from the year 2065 aside from a bigger shopping bill?

To infinity and beyond!

NASA estimates that the price of sending humans into space is going to decrease significantly over the next few decades. In fact, by the year 2040, NASA says it will only cost "tens of dollars per pound" to send people and cargo into the cosmos.

Virgin is already working hard on the dream of bringing space travel to the average Australian. Did you know the Virgin Galactic program will soon be ready to begin offering suborbital space flights to adventurous space tourists? Who knows where it will have progressed to by the year 2065! 

It's getting crowded in here…

Opinions differ on what the world's population will be like by the middle of the 21st century. But one thing is certain, there's going to be a lot more people than there are today!

The United Nations Population Fund's most recent estimate has suggested that the global population will exceed 9 billion by the year 2050. Of that, it's estimated that more than 2 billion will be over 60. With an increasingly ageing population, its likely that more pressure will be placed on national pension schemes. This is another reason to make sure you have a good superannuation strategy in place for the future.  

Do you take this robot?

Finally, artificial intelligence researcher David Levy has predicted that the mid-2050s will also see the widespread acceptance of human-robot relationships, with man-machine marriages legalised in some parts of the world.

You never know, start making a few voluntary contributions to your superannuation fund now and you might be able to afford your very own robot husband or bride one day!

What do you think the world will look like in the year 2065?