Superannuation Infographic Puzzle

Will I have a comfortable lifestyle in retirement? Your Superannuation Puzzle

Building a comfortable future is like piecing together a big, convoluted jigsaw puzzle.

Some of the pieces are based on knowledge about your individual requirements:

  • How long will I be retired?
  • How much superannuation will I have?
  • How much superannuation will I need to maintain my lifestyle?
  • Would I be able to live a more modest lifestyle, or should I aim for a comfortable lifestyle?

While other pieces help to build a strong superannuation fund:

  • Employer contributions
  • Voluntary top-ups
  • Salary sacrificing
  • Consolidating to reduce fees
  • The performance of your fund
  • Reviewing to monitor your progress

 A comfortable lifestyle in retirement 

For most people, the objective of superannuation is to have enough to live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

If that is you, how much do you need and how can you get there?

We hope this infographic provides some of the knowledge and insight required to piece together your own superannuation puzzle, and reach your retirement goals.