Take control of your super|4 Money Hacks for the first home buyer

Tips to take control of your Superannuation

Nearly all Australian workers are entitled to superannuation, and we all want a decent pot of money for post-work life.

But very few of us are likely to check our super account on a regular basis.

Because of its long-term nature, super easily falls by the wayside, only thought about with a sense of urgency as retirement nears. That long term nature also means the sooner you get in control, the greater the long-term benefits are likely to be.

So don’t put it off any longer – run through these 5 quick tips, and start to take control of your super. Your retired self will thank you.

  1. Check your balance. It’s your money, for your retirement, so you should know what you’ve got and what regularly comes in. Projecting forward to retirement, how much will you have?
  2. Check your insurance coverage. Is it adequate?
  3. Find out if you’ve got any lost super accounts, and consolidate them
  4. Make sure your fund knows your TFN (Tax File Number)
  5. Check your current investment strategy to make sure it is still appropriate to your needs

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