What does your Chinese Zodiac say about your superannuation?

It’s the question that has no doubt plagued your last few months (right after buying Christmas presents and planning your New Year’s resolutions): What does my Chinese Zodiac sign have in store for me?

If your astrology horoscope didn’t quite tell you enough for those Aries to Virgo or Libra to Pisces, perhaps the following will answer that question that’s been plaguing you. Don’t know which zodiac you are? Take a look at the dates first.


You may be a cheeky monkey, but you are a clever one. You’re the life of the party and the one everyone wants to be around. But you’re crafty too – use those problem-solving skills to put your keen mind to the task of solving the superannuation puzzle and you’ll quickly find ingenious ways of putting money aside and making savings in unexpected places. You’ll still want to head out and be social, but if you can remain focused on your savings goals you may be able to have your banana and eat it too.


As man’s best friend, dogs are reliable, faithful and loving. Money isn’t always front of mind for you, since there are more important things in life than material possessions. This isn’t always great news when it comes to savings, but there is one way to keep your superannuation on a tight leash. Dogs are incredibly hard workers, so as long as you are employed, your company will be making contributions to your super fund, and some of your own wage will siphon off into this account as well. Maximise this potential by talking to your boss about a salary sacrifice.


While you probably wouldn’t want to be called a pig in any other context, it can be good to be a pig. You are honest, kind and generous, yet your flaw lies in your laziness. Don’t let the temptation to laze your days away stop you from putting a little work into your retirement savings! You take great care in all you do, so apply this same diligence to your super plan so you don’t become a stick in the mud.


Rats are known for being very quick, adaptable and full of life. When you set your mind to it, you can get more done in a small amount of time than most people, although you do tend to live by your own rules rather than let others tell you what to do. Your super situation is up to you rats – will you put your productivity to good use and set out a master plan for your savings in 2015, or will you go your own way and get stuck in the trap of putting it off another year?


You might be known as a poor communicator, but your strength, diligence and persistence are all good things when it comes to your super savings. Your strong and steady approach to everything in life may pay off well in your retirement when those contributions you’ve been slowly putting away start to add up.


Confident, competitive and competent, tigers have everything going for them. The only trait that might let you down is your impatience – you’re always in a hurry but saving for retirement is not something one can do in a rush. Unfortunately for you tiger, unless you can change your stripes and sit down long enough to make some plans about grrrrrowing your super, you might find saving in 2015 is tricky.


Everybody loves a rabbit – just look at those ears! You are personable, friendly and stable. Your cautious and balanced approach to everything in life may serve you well when it comes time to retire, as you will have no doubt been thinking about your plans for a long time by carefully weighing up the pros and cons of each super management and growth option available. Hop to it!


You may be the only imaginary Zodiac animal, but at least you can breathe fire. You’re a risk taker, an intelligent and courageous go-getter and a born leader. You are particularly good at overcoming obstacles and hugely determined to meet your goals, so set them! Decide how you want to live in retirement, use your intelligence to make a plan and your determination to see it into fruition – you’ll soar through any task you set yourself.


The most intuitive of the Chinese Zodiacs, sssnakes are known for their wisdom, creativity and sssympathy for others. Money isn’t usually an issssue for you, although you are easily stresssssed so when it comes to retiring, you’ll need to ensssure you have this planned well in advance so it isn’t too hard later in life.


Horses charge into everything – they are strong, cunning and incredibly social. You’re an endurance racer too, which is great news for putting together a financial plan that will last the distance. Match this with the fact that you’re stubborn to a fault so you shouldn’t have any problems taking the reins sticking to the goals and jumping through the hoops you set.


You can be a little shy, hesitant or lazy at times, but you are easily one of the most well-liked signs! You’re charming, calm, creative and gentle. You may be let down by the fact that you like to let others look after you – to simply follow. If you know this is you, it might be best to talk to a financial advisor or your bank to let them help you sort out a manageable superannuation plan, because doing it yourself definitely isn’t much of a strong point!

Your superannuation

Does your current super mindset match your Chinese Zodiac symbol? Could it use some Chinese New Year tender love and care? If you’re considering your Superannuation options, have a look at the products offered by Virgin Money. Consider your objectives and the Product Disclosure Statement before making a financial decision.