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6 great travel apps to download before your next holiday

Passport? Check. Plane tickets? Check. Smartphone? You better believe it!

These days, smartphones and tablets are essential items in the globetrotter’s toolkit, allowing travellers to book accommodation, buy tickets and plan adventures quickly and easily.

To help you really get the most out of your smart device while on holiday, we’ve put together this list of six of the handiest travelling apps available.


Seasoned travellers will be well familiar with TripAdvisor, the handy travel website that offers a comprehensive directory of information and reviews on many of the world’s best known holiday spots (and plenty of hidden gems as well).

But did you know that TripAdvisor also has an exhaustive range of apps available for free download? By downloading the TripAdvisor app for your chosen destination, you can ensure you’re carrying a little pocket guidebook with you at all times.


Ever found yourself in a foreign country, standing in a shop or sitting in a restaurant, desperately trying to figure out how their currency compares to the Aussie dollar? Doing complex mathematics can be hard at the best of times, let alone when you’re jetlagged and desperate for a cup of coffee!

Fortunately, XECurrency is a super handy application that allows you to convert currencies using your smartphone, ensuring you’ll never blow your budget on unexpectedly expensive souvenirs again.

World Customs & Cultures

Foreign cultures can be confusing, and communicating with locals can be a challenge when you don’t understand their culture or etiquettes. Good thing there’s the World Customs & Cultures app to keep you from breaking any taboos.

World Customs & Cultures provides you with easily digestible facts about customs and cultures – such as personal space and eye contact rules – and stores information on more than 160 different countries. A must have for anyone who wants to blend in with the locals!


Tipping isn’t particularly common here in Australia. but in countries like the USA, it can be a sin not to leave your waitress or taxi driver a few extra dollars for their trouble.

If you’re the kind of person who struggles with tip calculations, why not download the Tipulator application? This app makes it super easy to calculate restaurant tips and split bills between friends while on holiday, ensuring you’ll never offend a local again.

Jetlag Genie 

Ahhh jetlag – the bane of any seasoned traveller. Anyone who regularly crosses time zones will know how frustrating it can be to feel dazed and confused during the day, and wide awake and alert at 4AM when you’d rather be sleeping.

That’s why Jetlag Genie is such a brilliant travel app. This clever tool allows you to put together a simple plan for beating jetlag, using sleep trackers and alerts that let you know when you should be snoozing before, during and after your trip.

Virgin Money iTravel Wallet

Of course, we can’t forget our very own app – we think it’s pretty great. The iTravel Wallet is a mix of everything you’ll need on your adventures. There’s a currency converter to make sure you’re paying a fair price for that souvenir, and travel alerts that come straight from the Australian Government to keep you in the loop. The iTravel Wallet is also a great place to store digital copies of all your important documents, such as your passport and itinerary.

There you have it, six great travel apps that will make exploring the world a breeze. Don’t forget to sort out a good travel insurance policy before you jet off, in case anything happens to you or your trusty smartphone! Get a quote from Virgin Travel Insurance and pack some peace of mind.

Can you think of any other great travel apps that should be added to this list?

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