Highlights for a European summer

Europe is home to the most famous and culturally rich museums. It has breathtaking places such as the Scottish Highlands, Mediterranean beaches, and some of the most iconic skiing destinations to visit.

Europe is a heavily populated region (home to 47 countries), which provides many benefits for a traveller. Countries are easy to travel between with a good interconnecting railway—even Great Britain and France are connected by the Channel Tunnel, which runs under water.

Most countries run on the same currency, the Euro, making it easier to budget for your trip. The European landscape is diverse, ranging from frozen lakes and forests in the north to the hot, dry hills in the Mediterranean region.

Hungary Averages

  • Summer Jun - Aug 17ºC to 27ºC 
  • Autumn Sep - Nov 11ºC to 26ºC 
  • Winter Dec - Feb 8ºC to 14ºC 
  • Spring Mar - May 9ºC to 21ºC 

France Averages

  • Summer Jun - Aug 13ºC to 25ºC 
  • Autumn Sep - Nov 5ºC to 21ºC 
  • Winter Dec - Feb 2ºC to 9ºC 
  • Spring Mar - May 4ºC to 20ºC 

Estonia Averages

  • Summer Jun - Aug 12ºC to 24ºC
  • Autumn Sep - Nov –2ºC to 17ºC
  • Winter Dec - Feb –9ºC to –2ºC
  • Spring Mar - May 5ºC to 17 ºC

Phrases to know

  • Danke ‘Thank you’ in German 
  • Gracias 'Thank you’ in Spanish 
  • Ciao ‘Hello’ in Italian 
  • Bonjour ‘Hello’ in French 
  • Merci ‘Thank you’ in French


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