spending $1,000

How to spend $1,000 ten times over

There’s no denying it, at some stage or another you’ve wondered what you would do if you came across $1,000.

Stop wondering.

Every week in October, we’re giving away $1,000. Simply purchase Virgin Travel Insurance and you could pocket $1,000 cash to spend on your holiday.

So how would you spend that extra $1,000 on your trip? Here are our suggestions…

  1. Travel in style. Upgrade your ticket to the next cabin class or hire a limo transfer from the airport.
  2. Make sure you never get lost by hiring your own personal tour guide for your holiday. Not only could they give you great local tips, they’re also useful to take photos of you so you don’t end up with an album full of selfies.
  3. Speaking of photos, you could hire a professional photographer to capture them for you. Everyone wants to look good in their travel photos, and who better to find your good side than a pro?
  4. Air out that tux, pack your glad rags and head to a charity ball. You’ll still get a great night out on holiday while also giving back to the local community!
  5. Get shopping and blow the budget with a spree in all the shops you don’t have at home. Or even buy something holiday appropriate and pick up a surf board for the beach or a snowboard for the mountain!
  6. They say a problem shared is a problem halved, and the same rule applies for travel. Share the funds with some friends and spread the fun of travel around by shouting some of the locals a round or take your mates out for a dinner.
  7. How about one night of absolute luxury? Five-star hotel, five-Michelin Star restaurant like the Guy Savoy in Paris … That would probably do it, actually.
  8. Everyone knows touring new places is really mostly about the food, so how about hiring a personal chef and having them cook you a feast on your holiday?
  9. Hire a car – something flashy like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari – and tour around an area you would never get to see on foot.
  10. If the above nine ideas don’t get you excited about winning, how about just pocketing the extra cash and enjoy the fact that your holiday just became cheaper!!!

Have another idea on how you would spend that extra $1,000? We’d love to hear it!

Simply buy Virgin Travel Insurance in October 2013, and you could pocket $1,000 to spend on your holiday. Find out more.

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