The Future of Payment|The future of payment infographic

The future of payment [INFOGRAPHIC]

All predictions of the future are based on current data, historical trends, and pie-in-the-sky (should I say, "educated") guesses. Therefore, while we'd like to think our assessment of the future of payment is robust, take our predictions with a grain of salt.

Instead, use them to stimulate debate and inspire ideas about the future of this critical economic function.

Some of our considerations for the future of payment

In the following graphic, we allude to range of intriguing questions, including:

  • Will we ever be a cashless society?
  • Will physical credit cards be replaced by virtual payment methods that have numbers unique to you, not the card?
  • Are physical stores going to be swallowed by the emerging online giants?
  • Will our faces, eyeballs, or devices embedded under the skin be our new payment verification systems?
  • What role will virtual currencies play in future economies?
  • Can virtual currencies make border-based currencies entirely redundant?

We couldn’t tell you definitive answers, but would love to hear what you think.


The future of payment infographic