Chocolate easter bunny

What your choc eating habits say about the kind of saver you are

Ah, Easter. Long weekends, quality time with family and an over-indulgence in sweet, sweet chocolate. Whether you’re a picker, scoffer, dunker or breaker, your choc eating habits say a lot about your saving habits. Grab a block and tell us – are we right?

The scoffer

You’re out front in the egg hunt (maybe even lunged a little before the whistle?), and your motto is ‘finders, keepers’. So to make ABSOLUTELY sure what’s yours is yours, you devour all your treats in one sitting. Felt good – until it hurt, no?

You’re (clearly) new to saving. You have a tendency to spend everything you earn, faster than you earned it. Then you slouch on the couch with a full tummy and empty bank account, and wondered what just happened. We know that you know what happened. So our suggestion would be to set savings goals so we can alert you when you slip up, er, behind. 

The picker

You take a cheeky bite off the corner (maybe even a row), fold the foil over the remainder and pop it back in the fridge/cupboard/handbag. Such restraint! And that’s no mean feat when the temptation is right in front of you.

You’re a cautious saver. You debit only as much as you need from your account, leaving the rest for a rainy day. Sure, that day might be the same day, when you go back for another bite. But you have good intentions, and that’s the first step to becoming a prudent saver. Our tip? Set limits so you don’t eat right into your stash (money or chocolate). 

The dunker

You’re partial to a chocolate biscuit, but always with a side of tea. And then, the games begin. You dip the crumbling confection into the boiling infusion… and wait. One second? Two? Or can you get away with three? You never know what the outcome will be.

You’re a high-stakes saver. Some days, you’re vigilant about how much you put in and how long you keep it there. Other days, you dice with danger, quickly revoking funds at the last minute. You could do worse than putting your money in a high-interest account that rewards you when you manage your deposits and withdrawals.

The breaker

As soon as those foil wrapped delicacies come your way, you break them up into little pieces. Keeping some to nibble on when the mood takes you, with the rest going to the needy (all hands go up). With such generosity of spirit and sugar, you’re naturally everyone’s best friend at Easter, if not always.

You’re a seasoned saver. You promptly cut your earnings down the middle, separating spending money from savings. Portion control at its finest. You don’t need our advice, but using our new Lock Saver feature to earn bonus interest could help you reach not just one, but nine savings goals even faster.


Finally, if you’re a melter, we have no financial advice except to suggest you invest in (metal) straws or a spoon. For everyone else, there’s hope. Happy Easter.

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