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Do business your way in 2022 and beyond

The future is flexible: 6 ways we’re making broking better in 2022

As we begin 2022, post-lockdown life is offering some silver linings in the form of more flexible ways of working that can benefit you and your customers alike. This year is set to be more dynamic, thanks to a range of services designed to support you and your customers, as you get back on the road. 

“The future of broking is more autonomous and flexible than ever before,” says Christian York, Virgin Money Australia’s Head of Distribution. “Our mobile, cloud-based services have been designed to support your business and your customers anywhere, anytime.

In our Covid-19 era, being “always-on” and broker autonomy means having access to the right services and information at the time and place that suits you best, including:

1. Mobile-friendly access

Be your own boss in 2022 and manage your time on your own terms. Whether you have customers interstate or need answers fast while away from your desk, our services for brokers are mobile-friendly so that when you’re on the road, you can continue to deliver top-notch service at any time and in any location.


2. Fast and secure support

Our game-changing broker portal features top-notch tools such as faster pricing approval, real time digital acceptance of home loan documents and acceptance of electronic signatures on home loan application forms, providing it matches signature on identification documents. Think of the broker portal as your digital one-stop-shop with everything you need to serve customers, wherever you are working from. Not to mention, it’s open 24/7 for your convenience and access anytime.


3. A dedicated credit coach

Need answers fast? While our secure broker portal features everything you need to manage customers and home loan applications at your fingertips, we go the extra mile, with direct access to a dedicated Credit Coach. The Credit Coach is available to walk our broker partners through credit queries no matter how big or small, and with loan structuring and packaging complex scenarios, prior to application submission. Now that’s winning support.  


4. Digital documentation for better customer service

Who says you need to be in an office to be productive? Remote working is here to stay – and at Virgin Money, this comes without compromising on good customer service. We offer greater flexibility for brokers and customers, including services such as the electronic acceptance of signatures on home loan application forms, providing it matches signature on identification documents.


5. Localised support

We’re making long-distance relationships easy. No matter where you or your customers are located, our local dedicated team is here to help.  As a Virgin Money broker, you’ll also have access to State Managers and Relationship Managers, who will equip you with the insights and support whenever you need it.


6. Manage and track applications, 24/7

Truly flexible ways of working require solutions that suit your individual schedule and needs, and our Loan Status Tracking tool enables autonomy and support for brokers and better service for your customers. With 24/7 access to this tool, brokers can monitor the status of your customers’ applications. We also keep you informed every step of the way, including milestone notifications delivered via email, from lodgement to settlement. Additionally, you’ll receive daily status email updates, which is particularly handy for brokers managing multiple lending applications at once.

Flexible ways of working are here to stay, and with the right tools, both brokers and customers alike can benefit. Our services are designed to empower you to work more autonomously. Whenever, and wherever you need us, we are there.


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