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New Year’s resolutions, but make them pawfect

New year, new best friend? Because let’s be real, we’re not the only ones setting goals for 2022 – our fur babies are too (we think).

Seriously, if dogs and cats could talk, then our friends over at Pet Circle reckon this is what they’d say about their new year plans – in between belly rubs, of course.

5 New Year’s resolutions from your pet (probably)

1. Move more

Yep, the classic make or break resolution. Excercising is the top priority for New Year’s resolutions, and this year, gosh darn it this year, they intend to keep it. 

2. Up the style game

Who doesn’t want to look their best at the dog park or in the background of Zoom calls? Furry fashionistas want to be the envy of their pet pals. And the better they look, the better you look. Just sayin’.

3. Learn something new

Sit, stay, lay down? *Big yawn* This resolution is for the pets who want to expand their mind and work on something a little trickier. Like play the piano, ride a skateboard, or re-enact a famous movie death scene (you know the one) and be rewarded with a standing ovation. William Shakes-paw, if you will. 

4. Take time to slow down (and nap)

Because last year just seemed to go by in one big blur, with nowhere near enough time for napping. Humans seemed to be home all the time, which means pats, attention, and endless episodes of The Office on repeat. 2022 is the official year of the (uninterrupted) nap. 

5. Patch things up with the dog next door (and then initiate master plan)

Your little pals know their yap-yap-yapping through the fence got on your (and your neighbour’s) nerves, and they’re sorry. They promise to let bygones be bygones this year.


So, if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to make sure your pet is living their best life, start by supporting them through this list. And what better way to start the year than with a big leg up from Pet Circle.

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