If you’re sailing off into the sunset, be sure to board with our Cruise Pack. No matter where you are on the Seven Seas, we’ll be there to help provide the support you need.


The Cruise Pack provides extra benefits while you’re at sea, including medical, evacuation and cabin confinement cover. It also provides cover for pre-paid shore excursion cancellation, marine rescue diversion and more. Simply purchase it along with our Comprehensive, Domestic or Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plans and sail away.

Here’s a summary of some inclusions and exclusions of our Cruise Pack. For full details, please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Please also note that to be eligible to add this Pack, you must be aged 74 years or under at the time the policy is issued.

What's covered?
Benefit Single Limit
8Medical cover while cruising
(includes emergency dental expenses resulting from an injury)
Emergency Dental Expenses (per person)
(for the relief of sudden and acute pain to sound and natural teeth)
8Evacuation cover - ship to shore unlimited9
8Cabin confinement $500
($50 per day)
Pre-paid shore excursion cancellation $1,000
8Formal cruise attire lost or damaged $1,000
Formal cruise attire delayed $250
8Marine Rescue Diversion $500
($100 per day)
Funeral expenses incurred overseas or the cost of bringing your remains
back to your home (per person)

This is a summary only of the cover provided under the policy, terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply.
Sub-limits apply to particular types of losses or claims.
Where used, the term 'Unlimited' only means there is no capped dollar sum insured. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply as set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. All costs and expenses claimed must be reasonable. We will only pay for treatment received and/or hospital accommodation during the 12 month period after the sickness first showed itself or the injury happened.

The information above is a summary only. All amounts based on Single Cover policies. Limits, sub limits and exclusions apply. See our PDS for cover details, applicable excess, terms and conditions.

What's not covered?

Because you’re off on a cruise – not a ski trip, you need to make sure you have specific cover. It makes sense, after all. Put simply, most travel insurance policies generally won’t cover you for claims relating to travel on cruise vessels unless you’ve bought a Cruise Pack.

You also need to be aware that if you make a claim in relation to any of the following, it won’t be covered by us:

  • If you’re ill and don’t promptly follow the medical advice we’ve obtained, no subsequent medical, hospital or evacuation expenses will be covered.
  • If your formal cruise-wear loss or damage was left unsupervised in public or sent unaccompanied by you.
  • In a Marine Rescue Diversion, if the cruise vessel diverts from its scheduled course for any reason other than to carry out a marine rescue.

Please note that other general exclusions also apply. You can find out all about them in our PDS.

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